Sometimes when I speak to women about getting publicity for their business they say they’re not quite ready yet.

They want to wait until they’re more established.

They want to wait until they’ve got more of a story to share.

I’ve even had someone tell me they want to wait until they’ve lost weight.

now is the best time to get publicity

My answer to that? Stop waiting and start doing!

Wherever you are in your business, now is the best time to start getting publicity.

Firstly, it can take time to get media coverage.

Start now and you’ll give yourself the best chance of actually getting coverage for your business within the next few months. Because the time frame between contacting a magazine, and finally seeing your name in print can be up to six months (it can be a LOT quicker, too), so don’t dilly dally – start now!

Secondly, remember you don’t have to jump straight in to appearing on the cover of Vogue, being interviewed on Oprah and getting a column in the FT.

Build up your media experience by starting off with things like getting in touch with your local papers, appearing on local radio, submitting guest blog posts. All this will help you to feel more confident with being interviewed and writing guest articles aaaaand it will give you great experience so that when Oprah does come calling, you’ll already be a pro.

Thirdly, getting publicity now, however small-scale, will make you look good straight away.

As soon as you start getting that coverage you can put the ‘As featured in’ logos on your website. And as you start writing more guest articles and blog posts, you’ll start to build up a name for yourself, which will make it easier when you get in touch with the big guns (aka Cosmo, Marie Claire and all your fave mags and newspapers)¬†because you’ll be able to show them that you’ve already got some media experience.

And finally, isn’t it time you stopped procrastinating?

How many times have you told yourself you’ll do something ‘when the time’s right’? But then the time is never right. And it becomes yet another thing you never quite get around to doing. Commit to getting publicity for your business now, and you’re far more likely to actually do it.

Okay, ready? Comment below and tell me what one thing you are going to commit to this week to start getting publicity for your biz?

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