The One Thing I Want You To Know:

Life Lessons To Live By

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“This book is a treasure chest of life lessons to be inspired by, and to learn from.” ~ Anke Herrmann, The Entrepreneurial Experiment

“Every woman will resonate with this book and it shines a welcome light on how we can all overcome and heal from life traumas and experiences. We feel heard and you will too. A must read for all women trying to ‘do it all’”. ~ Charlotte Balbier & Josie May, The Money Mavens

“I didn’t feel I was reading ‘just another collection’, but felt as if I was sitting in an auditorium where the narrator held my attention spellbound to discover and remember how much modern women go through to change the paradigms of history and society.” ~ Jenni Parker Brown, Founder of Preeminence Magazine

“A beautiful share of wisdom through powerful stories of women just like us. What a delightful read.” ~ Debora Luzi, word alchemist, author and public speaker trainer 

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