the number one thing you must do to get publicity for your business

When I work with my PR Power students or my Profitable PR Mastermind clients, there are various things I encourage them to do to set themselves up for success with publicity.

There’s research and planning and strategising. And writing pitches and press releases. And connecting with and speaking to  journalists. 

But the ONE thing that makes the difference between the people who talk about wanting to get publicity, and those who actually do it, is this.

The people who are successful at getting featured in newspapers and magazines are the ones who take action.

Just the other day one of my PR Power students pitched a magazine that was a perfect match for her, and within a couple of hours she’d had a positive response from the Editor!

Likewise, one of my mastermind clients took action and replied to a media request from a journalist, and a few emails later, she’s due to appear in a popular magazine. That’s how quickly things can happen – buuuuuut only if you’re willing to take action and put yourself out there.

So often I speak to people who say “I’d love to be featured in such-and-such magazine!” But they’re not taking action. And then they wonder why it hasn’t happened.

The fact is, even if you’re scared of getting a knock-back, you’ve got to take action.

Publicity won’t come to you (well, in the beginning at least), so you’ve got to keep taking consistent action to make it happen.

Whether that’s writing guest blog posts, pitching yourself as an expert or submitting a press release, you need to be regularly doing things that will bring you results.

Now, I know that the whole idea of this can seem overwhelming, but it’s not about jumping straight in to pitching yourself as the main expert on Oprah…

You can start by taking really non-scary, easy-to-do action, like pitching a story to your local press, or submitting an idea for a guest post to a blog in your niche.

Whatever action you decide to take, you need to be doing it, rather than just talking about it.

Perhaps you could start by downloading my free PR & Content Calendar.

Why not let me know in the comments what action you’re going to take this week to get visible.