My client Anna talks about how her sales went up by 200% after she was featured in publications including the Mail Online and The Guardian

Anna3Name: Anna Fairs

Biz name: Tigershark Apparel

Whatcha do?

Inspire children with a curiosity and wonder for the world with educational t-shirts!

Why PR?

I really wanted to increase my brand awareness. I knew that when my avatar came across my business they loved what I was doing – I just needed to reach them via more channels.

What PR stuff did you do?

I sent out various press releases to the national and local press. I contacted my local radio stations. I also reached out to parent bloggers.

What coverage did you get?

I’ve been featured in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, At Home magazine, BBC Radio Berkshire and by about six bloggers.

What were the juicy results of your PR activities?

My website traffic and sales shot up when I was featured in The Daily Mail and The Guardian. My social media followers, particularly on Twitter have increased by around 300. I think this is predominantly through reviews/competitions that bloggers are running. The week the articles came out my sales went up by around 200%

How did you capitalise on your media coverage?

I’ve created a media kit PDF which I’ve added to a new page on my site called Press. I included a section with the coverage I’ve had to date with images and references. I’ve also created another blog on my site which I will update with company news. I’ve added the most relevant logos to the home page of my website and posted images/updates of my ‘features’ on Facebook and Twitter.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Since launching I’ve realized the importance of PR! You need to work out where you want to be featured and work out a plan to achieve it. I’ve also realized that this isn’t a one time action. You need to plan activities for each month so that you are always being featured somewhere.

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