why stepping out of your comfort zone is good for business

Last week I spoke about how you can get publicity for your business, even if you don’t like being in the spotlight. I talked about not forcing yourself to do stuff that you HATE in terms of getting publicity, and instead doing the stuff you’re comfortable with.

But I have to say that sometimes, it can be worth stepping out of your comfort zone, just a bit. Because the end result can be so powerful.

When you share your story you inspire others

When you share your knowledge you help people who can benefit from your expertise

When you talk about your experiences you show others that you’ve been there and that if you’ve managed to do something, they can too.

Not everyone automatically feels comfortable with the idea of pitching a story to a journalist or submitting a guest blog post. But it can be SO worth it.

During the last round of Business Fame School I was lucky enough to work with some incredible women who are doing AMAZING things.

And by getting featured in the press, they were able to share their stories, knowledge and experience with tens of thousands or even millions of people.

How awesome is that?

Take my student Samantha, an author and life coach who secured coverage in the Daily Mirror. She’s going to be sharing her expertise with their 900,000 readers.

Or my student Kate, a nutritionist who over the past few weeks had articles published in Top Sante magazine, Huffington Post and Yahoo Style – a total of several million readers.

Both of them had to step out of their comfort zones and do things they wouldn’t have done a few months ago – pitching to journalists, submitting guest posts and writing articles.

But by doing so they not only achieved something great for their businesses (hello automatic expert status and exposure to a new audience), but they also did something amazing for the people reading those articles.

And when it comes down to it, that’s what most of us want to do, right?

I know the thought of putting yourself out there and being more visible can be scary. There are so many fears that come up  – will they be interested in what I have to say? Will I feel rejected if I don’t hear back from them? Will people hate what I’ve written? Will people question why I’m being quoted as an expert. I’ve had all of those thoughts myself, but every time I’ve done something that pushed me out of my comfort zone – whether that’s speaking on live radio, pitching myself as an expert to a new editor or writing for a brand new publication –  it was always worth it.

So while I still don’t advocate doing stuff you absolutely hate in terms of publicity, I do think it can pay off to be brave sometimes and to take a chance and step out of that comfort zone

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, leave a comment below!

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