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I just had to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the Publicity Prep School course the other week. I followed your guidance and was featured in Glamour magazine! And yesterday things got even better: I used your template and finally came up with a “fame name”. I used them to write a pitch to Wedding Ideas Magazine for a series on natural baking for weddings, got a response this morning and they LOVE it. I have been asked to put forward a list of article titles and to keep my content exclusive with their magazine. I am over the moon! Thank you so so much again, I most definitely will be doing more work with you in future.

Debby Donnelly-Addison

Everyone, Dina, is the ultimate expert when it come to publicity. I’ve actually done the programmes mentioned and trust me you won’t be disappointed. They are step-by-step and highly effective and actually exciting to do. X x


Dina’s courses are highly recommended! This is a great deal 🙂


Publicity & Influence Bundle

Learn the principles of my seven-step system for getting featured in the press and becoming the well-known influencer in your niche. This is the same system I use with my clients to get them featured in international media, and I’m sharing it with you!

Cost: £47

Publicity Prep School

My most popular mini course! This comprehensive mini-programme will get you prepped for publicity and gives you the essential foundational pieces you MUST have in place to ensure you get maximum results with PR

Cost: £97

The Influencer Code

Learn how to become the sought-after influencer in your field, so you can explode your impact. This mini-course covers Mindset Mastery, Visibility Mastery and Embracing Your Inner Influencer.

Cost: £47

Buy All Three Courses & Save Money!

Want all three courses? Buy the bundle and save money!

Cost: £110

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