5 ways to woo potential clients with seductive blog headlines

You know how it is. You’re sitting at your laptop, sipping your tea, staring at the screen and waiting for inspiration to hit.

Except it doesn’t.

We’ve all been there – trying to pen your weekly blog post and… nothing.

You just can’t think of a headline that’s going to make people want to click.

Or worse, you’ve finally got round to pitching to the Huffington Post, but you can’t for the life of you think of a blog headline that’s likely to make them want to feature you.


Because whether you’re writing a post for your own blog or submitting a guest post, it’s the blog headline that’s going to win people over.

There’s just so much noise out there telling us to click here, read this, download that, that if you want to stand out, you need to catch people’s attention before they scroll past you for someone more interesting…

So having an irresistible headline on your blog is suuuuuuuper important.

But how do you come up with something that makes people actually want to click on it and read your stuff??

Here’s how to write headlines that will get potential clients clicking…

  1. Tell people what they’re getting

Sounds obvious, but your headline should tell people EXACTLY what they can expect to find in the blog post. Whether that’s five ways to achieve X or seven steps to do Y.

2. Focus on the benefits

Tell them why they should want to read the blog post – e.g. ‘6 steps to create a stunning website in a day’. They get to learn how to create a stunning website! In a day! Big benefit if that’s the kind of thing that floats your audience’s boat.

3. Include a strong adjective

Incorporate some power words like:

  • Amazing
  • Ultimate
  • Absolute
  • Effortless
  • Essential

4. Consider including a number

Experience shows that numbers convert well in blog headlines

5. Write something your ideal client will love

Obviously you want to write about things you’re interested in, but ultimately, you need to write with your intended audience in mind. So write a headline you think will appeal to your potential clients and get them clicking


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