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It’s time to land impactful publicity & collaboration opportunities that grow your business & attract perfect-fit clients (even if you have no contacts and are scared of putting yourself out there)

You’re a coach, consultant, therapist or service-based business owner who’s AMAZING at what you do, but sometimes you feel like the internet’s best kept secret. Despite getting your clients INCREDIBLE results, you still don’t have the recognition you deserve and aren’t being recommended as the ‘go to’ expert in your niche as frequently as you know you could be. And because your message is only being heard by the same few people, you’re not making the volume of sales you desire.  

You know there’s SO much more impact you want to make but you feel lost in a sea of business owners – and let’s face it, the online space is noisy, so no wonder you worry about how you’re going to stand out when there are ten thousand other people doing what you do… 

Introducing the



Members Club

The monthly membership where you get media requests from journalists (i.e. opportunities from journalists looking to feature people just like you), as well as learning about how to participate in powerful collab opportunities (think summits, giveaways, bundles, guest expert trainings), getting you in front of tens of thousands of potential customers. Whilst also boosting your credibility so you stand out above the competition, become the ‘go to’ expert, and attract those dreamy, perfect-fit clients.

After working as a publicist for industry leaders, helping hundreds of business owners do their own PR, and taking part in multiple collab opportunities myself, I’ve learnt that combining publicity and collaborations is the quickest way to level up your business and gives you:


Faster audience growth – easily attract new followers & subscribers who are actually interested in what you have to say 


More soulmate clients – call in more perfect-fit clients who are eager and excited to work with you


Expert status & credibility – establish yourself as an authority in your field and instantly build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor, leading to more ‘yes’s’ on your sales calls and exciting new opportunities coming your way


Increased income – gain the confidence to raise your rates after you get featured as an expert


Increased impact – help MORE of the people who need to hear from you

Just like these clients have done: 

Rachel Toy

Vintage & Retro Collector

Seven pieces of publicity in just six weeks

Full-page articles about her and her business in two regional newspapers, featured as an expert in an article published on a glossy magazine’s website (which has 9.1million visitors per month), contributed to an article for one of the UK’s bestselling monthly magazines, wrote an article for a top specialist publication, full-length feature in a well known weekly magazine AND interviewed on the radio

Dawn Walton


Signed up ten new clients from one press release

I had an article published in my local paper which resulted in 200+ hits on my website over two days, ten new clients taken on, an additional 40+ people at my speaking event, some of whom became clients and 20+ subscribers to my newsletter. The article was incredibly well received – people came to see me that had given up hope and I helped them. Update – Dawn had an article published on another blogging platform and signed up another 10 new clients. She was also asked to present a TEDx Talk.

Dina Behrman Creating Impact

Mel MacIntyre

Intuitive Business Coach

Hundreds of new email subscribers & several new clients

“I’ve had multiple media appearances. One newspaper article about dealing with burnout brought in hundreds of new email subscribers and a lot of discovery calls. It’s got to the point I may have to bring in a new coach to deal with the demand I have for coaching on burnout now. I’ve had people who have found me via that article who have signed up for my high-ticket mastermind, it’s been amazing.” 


Hi, I’m Dina…

I’m a journalist-turned-PR strategist  (who’s also a tea-drinking, book-loving, self-development junkie whose guilty pleasure is TV shows about fancy homes). I work with heart-centred coaches, consultants & service-based business owners to get them featured in aligned media outlets, so they grow their audience and attract more dream clients, in a way that feels good.🤩

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners over the past 9+ years to help them get consistent publicity, and to leverage it to grow their business and attract clients. 🙌 

Aside from PR, the thing that has grown my business the most, has been participating in collaboration opportunities like summits, giveaways, bundles and guest expert trainings. 

I’m also a self-confessed introvert and a busy mum of two girls – but despite not being a natural in the spotlight, and never feeling like I have enough spare time, I’ve used publicity & collabs to grow my business to 6-figures.

What my clients say:

“Multiple $10k Clients After Being Featured In Mainstream Media”

I’ve had some fabulous mainstream coverage in Daily Mail, Forbes, Telegraph, Evercoach, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. I’ve had so many sales conversations when someone has found me through this article or that article. It cuts hours upon hours from the sales process as it builds that know, like, trust. Nowadays I get numerous messages from women telling me how my articles inspired and helped them. And yes, I got plenty of gorgeous clients as a result of being published in respectable publications.

Lenka Lutonska,
Mindset & Business Coach

“International Recognition, new clients & leads”

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, The Metro and Forbes. This level of international recognition has been so huge for me and my business. One particular article even brought in 1500 new leads. The people who have found me on Business Insider or Forbes, they just know they want to work with me. I get chased, I get messaged in my inbox. 

Sami Wunder,
Dating & Relationship Coach

“I doubled my Facebook group in less than 48 hours and made $12k in sales thanks to one article” 

In just a few weeks, Dina helped me to get featured in four major publications and two major podcasts. One of those features doubled (!) the numbers in my Facebook group in less than 48 hours AND made $12k in sales. I’ve since been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, YFS, Elite Daily and more. Thanks to this coverage, I’ve added around 3000 new leads to my community in the past few months. 

Jessica Lorimer,
Selling To Corporate


The Publicity & Collaboration Members Club gives you monthly media requests from journalists, so you can hear from journalists wanting to feature people just like you, meaning you have the chance to get featured, without having to pitch the press yourself. As well as trainings on how to find profitable collaboration opportunities, with the focus, accountability and support you need to actually make it happen (because I know that trainings alone aren’t enough when you’re a busy entrepreneur wearing all the hats!) Get regular Q&A calls, implementation sessions and more:

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