The Profitable Visibility


Four days to create the kind of visibility that positions you as the expert & gets you paid, so you no longer feel like a best kept secret!

Coaches, consultants & experts

It’s time to go from:


feeling frustrated that your message isn’t reaching the right people, to being able to share your content with thousands of potential clients


feeling unseen and unheard to being recognised as the authority in your field 


feeling fed up with having to chase after clients, to easily attracting new followers, subscribers and clients by sharing your story and expertise

You know that if you could get in front of more of the right people, with the right message, you’d be able to create the impact in the world you truly desire, with the income to match

As a talented coach or consultant who’s excellent at what you do and gets fantastic results for the people you work with, you deserve to reach an abundance of dreamy clients.

Because whilst you love the work you do, you feel frustrated that you’re not reaching more of the people you can help.

The problem is, even though you’re ready for next level visibility, and would love to become the ‘go to’ expert in your field and sign up more perfect-for-you clients, you can’t help wondering:

  • Where should I be showing up to reach my ideal clients?
  • What should I be saying to truly position myself as an expert?
  • How can I quickly create the level of visibility that gives me true credibility and builds the kind of know, love and trust factor that makes soulmate clients whip out their credit cards to work with me?

You’re ready to stop feeling like a best kept secret so you can inspire thousands of people, skyrocket your visibility and attract more soulmate clients.

Friend, I’ve got your back!

It’s time to get VISIBLE.

Let me show you how to get visible in a way that positions you as the ‘go to’ expert, connects you on a deeper emotional level to your ideal clients, and allows you to create a much bigger impact and more income.

In my 7+ years of experience as a PR strategist and more recently as a publisher (plus my ten years prior to that as a journalist), I’ve learnt that the best way to get visible and build up your credibility as fast as you can, without spending hours mastering the latest social media trend or throwing money at Facebook ads, is to be recognised as a published author, and get featured in the press, by sharing your story and expertise.

Which is exactly what I’m going to be breaking down for you in my free Profitable Visibility Bootcamp.

Four days to create the kind of visibility that positions you as the expert & gets you paid, so you no longer feel like the best kept secret in your industry!

Mastering how to share your story and expertise strategically and intentionally, enables you to:

…create a powerful connection with prospects to cultivate that elusive know, love and trust factor that makes people want to buy from you

…position yourself as an authority in your field, so that new opportunities open up (think speaking gigs, your own column or even a radio show) whilst giving you the confidence to raise your rates

…harness the power of sharing your content on other people’s platforms, getting you in front of WAY more people


Here’s what you’ll learn:


We’ll break down and reverse engineer a plan so that you can increase your credibility, gain authority status and get more eyeballs on your work, with one simple visibility roadmap

You’ll discover how to position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert so that you can command higher prices, whilst rapidly building the know, like and trust factor so people can’t wait to work with you

You’ll discover how to create a deeper emotional connection with your soulmate clients so that you collapse the timeline when it comes to them buying from you, using my unique storytelling framework

Learn the three key methods for leveraging your visibility opportunities to create more impact and attract more clients who are ready to invest

In just four days you’ll walk away with a plan to create the kind of visibility that positions you as the expert & gets you paid, so you no longer feel like the best kept secret in your industry!

Are you in?

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What’s included:


4 Livestream Video Trainings

Learn valuable strategies for creating the kind of visibility that gets you paid, and have the chance to get your questions answered. (Watch the replays if you can’t join live).

Private Facebook group

Join the Facebook group for support from Dina and to connect with like-minded coaches and consultants

Gorgeous workbooks

To help you integrate and implement what you’ve learnt

Chance to win prizes!

Engage and get involved each day for the chance to win prizes!

What Dina’s clients say:

“Multiple New High Ticket Clients After Being Featured In Mainstream Media”

I’ve had some fabulous mainstream coverage in Daily Mail, Forbes, Telegraph, Evercoach, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.  I’ve had so many sales conversations when someone has found me through this article or that article. It just immediately gives you credibility. It cuts hours upon hours from the sales process as it builds that know, like, trust. Nowadays I get numerous messages from women telling me how my articles inspired and helped them. It makes my heart sing. And yes, I got plenty of gorgeous high ticket clients as a result of being published in respectable publications. 
Lenka Lutonska,
Millionaire Mentor

“I signed up ten new clients from one press release & an additional ten from one blog post” 

I had an article published in my local paper which resulted in 200+ hits on my website over two days, ten new clients taken on, an additional 40+ people at my speaking event, some of who became clients and 20+ subscribers to my newsletter. The article was incredibly well received – people came to see me that had given up hope and I helped them. Update: Dawn had a guest blog post published and signed up 10 addtional new clients. She was also asked to present a TEDx Talk. 

Dawn Walton,
Think It Change It

“I doubled my Facebook group in less than 48 hours and made $12k in sales thanks to one article” 

Working with Dina has been an incredible experience. In just a few weeks, Dina helped me to get featured in four major publications and two major podcasts. One of those features doubled (!) the numbers in my Facebook group in less than 48 hours. That’s right – with just one feature, we doubled members in my Facebook group AND made $12k in sales. I’ve since been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, YFS, Elite Daily and more. Thanks to this coverage, I’ve added around 3000 new leads to my community in the past few months. I highly recommend working with Dina!
Jessica Lorimer,
Selling To Corporates

This is perfect for you if:


You’re ready to get off the content creation hamster wheel and become a published authority figure in your field quickly and easily


You’ve been trying #allthethings when it comes to marketing strategies and you’re ready for a simple framework that’s going to work for you no matter what


You’re excited to discover how to get in front of way more of your ideal clients and communicate to them in a way that makes them want to buy from you 

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