Publicity Prep School

Five-Part Training To Make Your Business Famous, Attract Hundreds Of Raving Fans With Ease & Consistently Sign Up High-Ticket Clients

Want to share your message, help more people and regularly enjoy five-figure months? 

You're in the right place! 

Publicity Prep School will teach you the essential steps to get your business 'media ready', so you can use publicity to position yourself as an expert and attact more of your soul clients.  

And you can get all of this for just £97

What's Included

Publicity Prep School includes five powerful pre-recorded video trainings that will give you strong foundations to make your business famous with publicity and get you on track to become the 'go to' expert in your field. Going out and attempting to get publicity without having the right foundations in place is likely to end in disappointment. Make sure you get it right from the get go, by getting these essential pieces in place now, so that you can confidently get publicity and become the influencer in your niche

Day One - Mega Publicity Through Powerful Intentions

Setting intentions will help you achieve extraordinary results with publicity - we'll clarify your goals and set intentions to help you hit incredible targets

Day Two - Publicity Superstar Belief Alignment

When it comes to publicity it's not just about the know how - we'll identify the most common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from becoming the 'go to' expert 

Day Three - Overcoming Little Old Me Syndrome & Claiming Your Expert Status

Smash your limiting beliefs and confidently present yourself as an expert to the press

Day Four - Presenting Yourself To A Journalist

Learn the best way to present yourself to a journalist, and how to tell them what you do in a way that leaves them wanting more. Plus extra tips for pimping your website and social media to get 'media ready'

Day Five - Creating Your Business Fame Wishlist

Identify the best media outlets to target in order to reach your ideal clients and fulfil your goals. Create an effective publicity vision board


Guided Visualisation (value £47)

Powerful guided visualisation exercise to create an anchor for your future success

How To Create An Irresistible Opt-In Cheat Sheet (£29)

Guidance on how to create an irresisitible opt-in that you can include in your publicity mentions to drive hundreds of subscribers to your email list

Publicity Sales Funnel Blueprint (value £97)

My personal blueprint for incoporating publicity into your sales funnel for maximum results

Content Creation On Demand (value £29)

Become a content Queen with this PDF showing how to create content out of thin air

Your Host

“Hey, I'm Dina, a journalist-turned-publicity coach who works with female coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs to get their businesses seen and heard in the media."

"My clients have been featured in international media and the impact that has on their business is huge - more followers, more opportunities, more clients and more sales. I have clients who have doubled their sales thanks to publicity, signed up ten new clients in a week (twice!) and even made five-figures from just one article."

— Dina Behrman, Business Fame Coach

Just some of the publications my clients have featured in: 

Featured in Glamour magazine and Wedding Ideas Magazine

"I just had to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the Publicity Prep School course the other week. I followed your guidance and was featured in Glamour magazine! And yesterday things got even better: I used your template and finally came up with a "fame name". I used them to write a pitch to Wedding Ideas Magazine for a series on natural baking for weddings, got a response this morning and they LOVE it. I have been asked to put forward a list of article titles and to keep my content exclusive with their magazine. I am over the moon! Thank you so so much again, I most definitely will be doing more work with you in future."

Debby Donnelly-Addison

"Thanks to Publicity Prep School I've had a full double page editorial in the Belfast Telegraph (which covers all of Northern Ireland!), a full single page in my local paper, a radio interview on BBC Ulster, an article on Talented Ladies, and more to come. This has led to more enquiries and I now feel a lot more confident about getting even more publicity". Judith Ward, Judith Ward Hypnotherapy

Publicity Prep School 

Ready to get publicity and become the fully booked expert in your field? 

Join Publicity Prep School and learn the essential steps you must take to make your business 'media ready' and to cement your expert status. 

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