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 In the first of a series of interviews with former clients, I talk to Kate Codrington about how she used PR to grow her business, put her prices up and introduce a new revenue stream!

kate codringtonName: Kate Codrington

Biz name:  Kate Codrington Massage  / Love Your Belly

Whatcha do?

I offer massage and workshops for women’s health and heart-centred support for complementary therapists.

Why PR?

I had recently re-branded my business and wanted to publicise my expertise and experience in women’s health to my local client group and to my colleagues in the complementary therapy world.

What PR stuff did you do?

Press releases to local and trade press accompanied by a re-branding campaign and competitions. This was supported by blog articles and lively profiles on Facebook, Twitter and g+.

What coverage did you get?

My greatest coup was to get a big article on page 3 of my local paper, complete with picture. Ironically it was because I had decided not to see men as clients any more because of the dodgy requests I had received.

This also led to an interview on local radio. There were also short pieces in The Sun, the Daily Star online and Metro, who all enjoyed the slightly salacious edge to the story.

Once my client group in my area understood what I was offering I decided to work on informing my therapist colleagues. To do this I made contact with the opinion leaders and editors of trade papers on Twitter and then sent them proposals of articles I could write that were geared to their audience.

This was hard work but resulted in more than 20 articles being published both online and in print on massage and women’s health.

These articles were of course blogged and used as social media posts to let my followers know what I’d been up to and emphasize my knowledge.

What were the juicy results of your PR activities?

Having raised awareness of my work, I was able to position myself as a knowledgeable professional with a unique skill-set. I had many more visitors to my site who could then check me out and hopefully find from my blog articles that I was also a (generally non-loony) authentic and safe person to work with. This has in turn lead to closer relationships with other professionals and more referrals.

The whole process has given me the confidence at last to charge an appropriate fee for my treatments and services.

I found that so many therapists were asking for my opinion on professional matters that I am now mentoring therapists and leading workshops to help therapists maximize their impact with blogging and online.

How did you capitalise on your media coverage?

I have everything up online in triplicate! It’s on the press page, the blog and then posted on social media too.

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What plans do you have for your business?

I am expanding the ‘Love Your Belly’ workshops. There are loads of natural, low cost solutions for hormonal health that aren’t well known about and in combination with Womb Yoga and visualization, women can make a radical difference to their well-being.

Fantastic, thanks Kate!

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