PR    Power

Transform your business by

leveraging powerful PR strategies

PR    Power

Transform your business by leveraging powerful PR strategies

It’s time to land impactful and profitable media coverage that converts (even if you have no contacts and are scared of putting yourself out there) 

You are done being the internet’s best kept secret.
You’ve had some success marketing your business, but there’s SO much more impact you want to make and you’re beyond ready to do so. 

Finally, you can harness the 

 Power Of PR

so you get featured in the press and attract way more of your dream clients to you, on repeat.

Does any of this sound familiar?


You’re worn out from doing #allthethings to promote your business – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, it’s exhausting! And it’s not bringing you the results you want


You find yourself doing ‘spray and pray’ marketing – aka throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it will stick, and it just ain’t working


You’re fed up of seeing other business owners sharing their impressive ‘as seen in’ media logos – why them and not you??


You’re tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself and wish someone could just show you exactly what you need to do to get in front of more of your ideal clients.


You know that being featured in the press is the next step for you, but you wish someone could hold your hand and show you precisely how to land high quality media coverage that brings actual, real results

If this is resonating, then read on, cos you are totally in the right place 😉

There has never been a better time to land free media coverage and leverage it to grow your business. 

Hey there

 stressed out service-based business owner!

You’ve tried so many different things to market your business, but end up frazzled and frustrated without anything to show for it. 

You see other coaches, consultants and service providers being interviewed on podcasts, or getting featured in glossy magazines, but you just feel more confused than ever about how to actually do it yourself. That one time you did manage to land a guest blog post was a massive anti-climax and definitely didn’t do anything for your business. 

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through a proven system that actually works to land high quality media coverage that converts, and that you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to.

>> Imagine being featured in your dream publications, splashing those ‘as seen in’ logos on your website, and having people reach out to you after reading your article or hearing your interview

>> What if you could easily add hundreds of pre-qualified leads to your email list and social media followings on a regular basis, by focusing on PR for just 30 minutes a day, or a couple of hours a week?

>> Imagine getting publicity and having the confidence to finally charge your worth, without worrying that your prices are going to scare off potential clients

>> What would it feel like to use publicity to effortlessly attract ideal clients to you, who are dying to work with you, instead of feeling like you’re constantly chasing after customers? And using publicity to draw exciting opportunities to you, on autopilot?

Getting consistent, high quality media coverage and leveraging it will be an absolute game changer for your business. Just like it was for my client Christine, who gained the confidence to start charging 6x more than she had done previously, or Ann, who rocketed her sales by 200% after being in the press, or Harriet who had a five-figure launch thanks to an online article, or Dawn who signed up ten new clients in one week, followed by an additional ten a few weeks later.

You’re oh so ready to get out there in a major way and land media coverage that converts, but you’re scared.

You may be thinking:


The idea of PR seems totally overwhelming, how do I even know how to get started?


I don’t have a large following and I’m not well known, so how on earth can I approach the press?


What if I try it and I don’t actually land any coverage?


Isn’t it going to take a whole lot of time to do this?


I’ve tried to get into the press before and it didn’t work so how do I do it and actually get results?

I totally get this! Over the years I’ve spoken to so many entrepreneurs who had exactly the same fears and concerns as you. Which is why I created my signature course, PR Power, which has been revamped and relaunched for 2021.

Introducing PR    Power

An 8-module online course where you’ll learn the proven process to get featured in the press with free media coverage that converts, so you can grow your business and attract more clients (without spending a fortune on a PR agency)

New clients booking me and sharing my tips with a global audience

Since working with Dina I’ve been featured as an expert in Hello! Magazine, Stylist, MSN, and more. I love being able to share my tips and advice with a global audience and have seen amazing results in my business, with new clients booking me after reading my articles. 

Nigit Begum,
Professional Makeup Artist

So much media coverage!

Since working with Dina we have had soooooo much media coverage – Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Metro and Stylist to name a few. This led to our campaign receiving over 100k mentions on social media and interest from celebrities. Now I feel excited about getting publicity and as though it’s totally achievable. 

Jayne Hardy,
Blurt Foundation

More book sales and more followers

Since doing the group PR program,  I’ve been interviewed by local press and by the Daily Mail and I’ve been in Bella Magazine, Woman and Marie Claire, as well as various large blogging platforms. I’ve had book sales from all the new publicity and I’ve increased my followers on social media.  I feel like I’ve learnt so much and grown from the experience of working with Dina – it was a very worthwhile investment. 

Kim Marshall,
Eating Disorder Expert

Doubled email list & more referrals

I was commissioned by the Daily Mirror’s New Day to write three articles, as an expert! Since being published, my email list has more than doubled, I’ve sold a lot more copies of my book and had more referrals. I have done quite a few similar programmes over the past year and I have learned and achieved the most through Dina’s group PR course.

Samantha Babington,
Life Coach

My credibility has increased tenfold!

I’ve contributed articles to Entrepreneur Magazine, secured three podcast interviews, and two radio interviews, which has led to new opportunities in my business. My credibility as an entrepreneur and coach has increased tenfold! When you are featured in top publications people see you in a different light. They are also prepared to pay more for your services. Dina, you are a kind, generous and professional PR coach. I loved working with you.

Lien Potgieter,
The Colour Option

Life before PR Power:


You feel frustrated that you’re not making the impact you know you’re here to make


You’re fed up with being the internet’s best kept secret


Daily posting in Facebook groups is exhausting and frankly soul destroying


As much as you know hoping and praying to make sales is not a strategy, you don’t know how to actually get in front of enough of your ideal clients to make a difference


Imposter Syndrome is looming large and you wish you felt more legit


Every time another FB friend posts about their latest article in Forbes or an amazing podcast interview the little green eyed monster comes out and you think ‘why them and not me?!’

Life after PR Power:


Hundreds of new subscribers sign up to your email list after reading one of your articles, and you know they all match your ideal client avatar


You get an influx of new followers on Instagram or Facebook who find you via your latest article and they’re super engaged with your content


Your phone pings with Paypal notifications from the new sales you’ve made after people have found you from a podcast interview


You decide to raise your rates and feel super confident about it because your press coverage has built your authority


You feel excited to share your latest article in Forbes/Entrepreneur magazine/Business Insider and love all the enthusiastic comments you get from your followers about it


Ideal clients book in discovery calls to work with you after reading your profile pieces and they know immediately they want to work with you

What’s included:


    • You’ll get my entire proven system for getting consistent, high quality media coverage, delivered via 8 weekly modules
    • Get access to a special member-only portal so you can access your trainings any time you want
    • Get worksheets & cheat sheets so you can easily implement the trainings


    • Access to money-can’t-buy resources, including a swipe file of pitch and press release examples – get the exact pitches I’ve used to land media coverage
    • Templates and cheat sheets to make things simple
    • Blogging directory, PR planner, bonus training videos and more


    • Get your questions answered during our monthly Q&A Zoom calls (you’ll attend 6 calls in total across 6 months)
    • All calls recorded if you can’t make them live
    • Access to the call replay so you can watch or rewatch in your own time


    • You’ll be supported by a peer community inside a private Facebook group, which you’ll have access to for 6 months 
    • Private space to get support from course members and celebrate your wins
    • Chance to network with like minded business owners

PR     Power Modules 

PR Planning & Strategy for Epic Success

Module One
  • Who your ideal client is & how to reach them through PR
  • How to research target publications so you can offer them ideas they can’t refuse
  • My insider hacks for planning your winning PR campaign

Your Story

Module Two
  • Discover your story – get clear on what your compelling story is
  • Use the proven story formula to hook journalists in
  • Get clear on your areas of expertise & write your author bio for maximum impact

Guest Write Your Way to Fame

Module Three
  • How to get published on big name blogs with ease & how to submit and write guest articles for publications, as an expert 
  • Next level strategies for getting thousands of views of your guest blog posts

Pitching the Media

Module Four
  • Find your winning news angle – win over journalists with story ideas they’ll love
  • Write your killer press release & get your news published
  • Perfect your pitch – use my pitch swipe file so you can easily pitch story/feature ideas to your target publications

Get in Touch with the Press

Module Five
  • Discover which journalists to contact, so you get it right every time
  • Learn exactly where to find the contact details you need (hint, you don’t need to pay a PR agency thousands of pounds to do this)
  • Media etiquette (learn what not to do!) & discover what to do if you get a knock-back

Media Requests & Social media for Publicity

Module Six
  • How to connect with journalists on social media (learn the right way to do it so you get results)
  • Where to find media requests (there are journalists out there waiting to hear from you!)
  • How to respond to media requests, so that you stand out against the competition

Rock Your Interviews

Module Seven
  • Create engaging soundbites so that you get your message across in every interview
  • Learn how to get featured on podcasts
  • Tips & techniques for TV, radio & podcast interviews so you never have to feel nervous again

Leveraging the Media

Module Eight
  • How to leverage the media to get epic results and draw in more followers, more subscribers & more sales
  • What to do after you’ve been featured to capitalise on your media coverage
  • How to create a Media Plan for the future so you continue to get publicity and hit your goals


Get these incredible bonuses when you sign up!

My Personal Pitches & Pitch Walkthrough Video
(VALUE £1000)

Get the exact media pitches I used to secure coverage in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine and more, with an exclusive walkthrough video showing exactly what was included and why so you can replicate it

Little Black Book Of Contacts
(VALUE £1000)

Lists of hundreds of media contacts, to make contacting journalists a breeze

Bonus Mini Video Trainings
(VALUE £750)

Access exclusive pre-recorded mini training videos on how to use celebrity endorsements for PR and how to leverage case studies to score media coverage

By the end of PR Power  you will have:


Well-crafted pitches and press releases that easily hook journalists in to make them want to feature you


The inside scoop on where to find media opportunities, what to say in interviews and how to get accepted to big name blogging platforms, so you can show off your expertise to massive audiences


Support on how to deal with knock-backs to keep your mindset on track


Exclusive techniques that I have never shared elsewhere for leveraging the press & getting 1000’s of views of your articles, for next level publicity


The full low-down on how to capitalise on your publicity to bring in thousands of leads, brand new clients and way more cash


And more!

Hi, I’m Dina

Hi, I’m Dina! I’m a journalist-turned-PR strategist who works with amazing coaches, consultants and service-based business owners to get them seen and heard in the press so they can grow their followings, get more leads, attract more dream clients and transform their businesses.

With my ten years’ of experience working as a journalist and editor, I know how the media works and I’m ready to share my insider secrets with you.

I’ve also worked with hundreds of women over the past five years to get them consistent media coverage in high quality media outlets, and to leverage that media coverage to skyrocket their businesses. My methods are tried and tested, and they bring results!

Today I help incredible entrepreneurs from all over the world get seen and heard in the press, and I’ve use my methods to land my own media coverage in places like:

My clients are transforming their businesses with PR


Christine gained the confidence to start charging 6x more than she had done previously – now her clients pay her £30k a time, and they’re getting incredible results


Ann rocketed her sales by 200% after working with me


Harriette celebrated a five-figure launch thanks to an online article


Dawn signed up ten new clients in one week, followed by an additional ten a few weeks later


Hazel doubled her book sales


Sam landed her own radio show with 100k listeners


Michelle tripled her mailing list in a week & gained 1000 new Instagram followers, leading to way more enquiries


Sami gained 1500 new leads from one article, leading to loads more sales of her digital product, and new clients signing up for her high-end coaching

Marie got national media coverage after taking the PR Power program – she landed work with a company she loves, an invitation to do training as a guest expert and more!
Clarissa gained national media coverage and was interviewed on multiple podcasts and says after previously dabbling in PR she now has a plan.

Join PR Power and get access to the PR Power modules, plus 6 months of monthly Q&A calls & lifetime access to the Facebook group (i.e. for the lifetime of the course – you will have access for as long as this course is on sale).


8 modules of video lessons & worksheets
Bonus #1 My personal media pitches and pitch walkthrough video
Bonus #2 Media outlet guide
Bonus #3 Two mini video trainings on celebrity endorsement & case studies for PR

+ 6 months of monthly Q&A calls

+ lifetime access to the Facebook group (i.e. for the lifetime of the course – you will have access for as long as this course is on sale)


PR  Power

…with monthly group Q&A calls


8 modules of video lessons & worksheets
Bonus #1 My personal media pitches and pitch walkthrough video
Bonus #2 Media outlet guide
Bonus #3 Two mini video trainings on celebrity endorsement & case studies for PR

+ 6 months of monthly Q&A calls
+ lifetime access to the Facebook group (i.e. for the lifetime of the course – you will have access for as long as this course is on sale)

ENROL NOW FOR 6 PAYMENTS OF £275 (most flexible) or ONE PAYMENT OF £1497 (save £153)

Price is the equivalent of approximately 6 x $382 USD or one payment $2079 USD

Pay In Full Bonus

 PR Accelerator Masterclass

Value £297
Get access to the exclusive PR Accelerator Masterclass when you choose to pay in full, so you can truly amplify your success! The PR Accelerator Masterclass was recorded exclusively for my clients and focuses on mindset for PR success, productivity hacks to incorporate PR into your busy schedule and how to monetise your PR. This id gold!


You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your home office or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and fit it around your busy schedule

Are you ready?

There has never been a better time to start getting featured in the press. Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrolment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Rapidly build the know, like, and trust factor, massively shortening the time it takes for potential clients to buy from you
  • Gain the kind of expert positioning that makes prospects want to sign up with you with ease
  • Grow your email list and social media following with hundreds of raving fans 
  • Attract exciting opportunities (think speaking gigs, book deals, your own column or radio show) on autopilot

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. Six months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

PR Power is for you if:


You run a service-based business or are a coach, consultant or therapist 


You want to be seen as the ‘go to’ expert in your niche


You’re ready to transform your business

You’re prepared to show up and put the work in

You’re ready to stretch yourself and try something different

PR Power is not for you if:


You’re not prepared to invest in yourself in order to promote your business in the media


You expect instant results but aren’t prepared to put the work in


You’re prone to making excuses instead of taking action on getting yourself out there

You’re happy exactly where you are and don’t want to do anything to move your business forward with publicity

Get Started:

When you purchase you get instant access to the modules so you cn dive straight in.

The monthly Q&A calls are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm UK. These are recorded and if you can’t make them live you can submit your question beforehand to have it answered on the call, and will be sent the replay to watch in your own time.

It’s time to transform your life and business, and the lives of your clients, by sharing your message in the press
You know you want to make a bigger impact AND grow your business – getting consistent, high quality media coverage will enable you to help way more people who need what you offer, whilst transforming your business with raving fans and eager clients.

You’ve got two choices here:

You can try to figure this out on your own and piece together a press release using an outdated PR strategy you found on the internet that ‘might’ pay off (once) if you fire it off to enough journalists. But then what? 


You could swipe my proven step-by-step PR system for repeatedly landing consistent, high quality media coverage that converts and gets the type of publicity that actually grows your business within just a few weeks.

Think about where you want to be six months from now. Heck, think about where you want to be just ONE month from now.

Do you have a clear step by step plan to get there?

If you’re ready to finally get yourself out there in a big way, get featured in your dream publications and leverage that media coverage to get actual results in your business, then PR Power is going to be the online course that changes everything for you.

It’s time to harness the power of PR.

I’ll see you on the inside 🙂

You can do this even if you have no time, don’t have a big following and are scared of putting yourself out there!

I don’t have time to do my own PR

I know you’re super busy, so I’ve developed a system you can do in just an hour or so a week. And I’ve designed the course so that you can fit it around your busy schedule, with video trainings you can watch from your laptop or tablet at a time that suits you.

I’m not well known enough/don’t have a big enough following

No problem! You truly don’t need to be well known or have a big following to get media coverage. I’ve helped all kinds of people across a range of industries to land media coverage, regardless of how well known they are or the size of their following. And no, you don’t need to already have contacts to get in touch with the press, the course helps you pitch exactly the right people.

I’m scared of putting myself out there

It’s normal to feel scared, but you don’t need to stay scared. Once you’re armed with the knowledge and guidance of my proven PR system, you’ll realise there’s nothing to feel scared about. There is so much potential for you to get amazing publicity and having it all broken down so you know step by step exactly what to do means you’ll no longer feel scared, you’ll feel excited.

PR  Power

…with monthly group Q&A calls


8 modules of video lessons & worksheets
Bonus #1 My personal media pitches and pitch walkthrough video
Bonus #2 Media outlet guide
Bonus #3 Two mini video trainings on celebrity endorsement & case studies for PR

+ 6 months of monthly Q&A calls
+ lifetime access to the Facebook group (i.e. for the lifetime of the course – you will have access for as long as this course is on sale

ENROL NOW FOR 6 PAYMENTS OF £275 (most flexible) or ONE PAYMENT OF £1497 (save £153)

Price is the equivalent of approximately 6 x $382 USD or one payment $2079 USD

Pay In Full Bonus

 PR Accelerator Masterclass

Value £297
Get access to the exclusive PR Accelerator Masterclass when you choose to pay in full, so you can truly amplify your success! The PR Accelerator Masterclass was recorded exclusively for my clients and focuses on mindset for PR success, productivity hacks to incorporate PR into your busy schedule and how to monetise your PR. This is gold!

What my clients say:

“Multiple New Clients After Being Featured In Mainstream Media”

I’ve had some fabulous mainstream coverage in Daily Mail, Forbes, Telegraph, Evercoach, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. I could not be happier with Dina’s work. She puts her heart and soul into publicity and does it with a great deal of integrity. I’ve had so many sales conversations when someone has found me through this article or that article. It just immediately gives you credibility. It cuts hours upon hours from the sales process as it builds that know, like, trust. Nowadays I get numerous messages from women telling me how my articles inspired and helped them. It makes my heart sing. And yes, I got plenty of gorgeous clients as a result of being published in respectable publications.

Lenka Lutonska,
Mindset & Business Coach

“International Recognition, new clients & leads”

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, The Metro and Forbes. This level of international recognition has been so huge for me and my business and I am so thankful for Dina getting my business centre stage. One particular article even brought in 1500 new leads. The people who have found me on Business Insider or Forbes, they just know they want to work with me. I get chased, I get messaged in my inbox. I’d highly recommend Dina to anybody who’s looking to crack open the door to big style fame.

Sami Wunder,
Dating & Relationship Coach

“I doubled my Facebook group in less than 48 hours and made $12k in sales thanks to one article” 

Working with Dina has been an incredible experience. In just a few weeks, Dina helped me to get featured in four major publications and two major podcasts. One of those features doubled (!) the numbers in my Facebook group in less than 48 hours. That’s right – with just one feature, we doubled members in my Facebook group AND made $12k in sales. I’ve since been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, YFS, Elite Daily and more. Thanks to this coverage, I’ve added around 3000 new leads to my community in the past few months. I highly recommend working with Dina!

Jessica Lorimer,
Sales Coach |


By learning this through the PR Power program, you get huge benefits without the huge price tag.

Hiring a decent PR agency will set you back around £5k – £10k per month. And as soon as your contract finishes you’ll either be left on your own to figure out what to do next, or you’ll need to sign up for another pricey retainer.

The tools and resources provided in this course are something you can use again and again for years to come to land media coverage that grows your business and brings you sales – meaning you’ll get a huge return on investment

What Happens When You Buy?


Click the buy button and choose your payment option


You’ll receive an email with your login details for accessing the online portal and a welcome email with details for the private Facebook group


You’ll get immediate access to the pre-recorded modules, which you can work through in your own time and you’ll be able to join our next monthly q&a call on the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm UK / 9am EST. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This is for coaches, consultants, therapists or service-based business owners who want to get featured in the press and leverage the media to transform their business. The course does not specifically cater to product-based businesses, but would still be a good fit if you are the face of your business and want to be seen as an expert in your niche.

Can you guarantee that I'll get featured in the press?

Whilst I can’t make guarantees, every client who has followed my guidance has ended up being featured in the press – take a look above at some of the fantastic media coverage my past students have achieved! If you do the work you can expect to start getting featured pretty quickly and to continue to land media coverage as you work through the program.

How much time will I need to devote to the course?

Ideally you would dedicate an hour or so a week to working through each week’s module, but this is a self-paced course that you can work through in your own time. In terms of doing the actual PR, I would recommend setting aside one to two hours per week to work on this once you’ve completed the modules.

I've had disappointing results with PR before, is it worth doing this course?

Yes, definitely! You’ll be in control of everything instead of outsourcing to a PR agency, so you’ll get the amazing media coverage you deserve. If you’ve attempted PR yourself before and haven’t had the results you’d hoped for, that’s probably because you didn’t have an ex-journalist in your corner. You get ALL my insider secrets, plus all the practical resources you need.

What if I want more attention from you?

If you’d like more access to me, speak to me about my 12-month Profitable PR Mastermind.  Email me on if you’d like to chat about whether this would be a good fit for you.


Yes! We have clients all over the world and help them get featured in UK and US media, as well as media in many other countries. The principles taught in the course work whatever country you’re in so it doesn’t matter where you’re based.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course there are no refunds available.

When does the course begin and end?

Your access to the course starts as soon as you purchase and you will have access for 12 months.  

Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

You have access to the course modules, the Facebook group and the monthly calls for 12 months. Having access for 12 months will help you see results faster. Being part of a container for a full year will give you the focus and accountability to actually take action and get featured in the press and to leverage your media coverage to attract more leads and clients. It’s the perfect amount of time to work through the modules, implement everything and get that regular media coverage.  I’m going to be there for the next year to support you and cheer you on. 

Are there any other costs involved - will I need to pay for PR?

No, there are no other costs involved. Everything you learn in this program revolves around getting free media coverage. You will get featured in well known media outlets without having to pay for advertising. 

Ten new clients x2 and a TED Talk

I had an article published in a newspaper which resulted in 200+ hits on my website over two days, ten new clients taken on, an additional 40+ people at my speaking event, some of whom became clients, and 20+ subscribers to my newsletter. The article was incredibly well received – people came to see me that had given up hope and I helped them. My aim is to use PR to reach as many people as possible. Update – Dawn had an article published on another blogging platform and signed up an another 10 new clients. She was also asked to present a TEDx Talk.

Dawn Walton,
Think It Change It

Selected for Top 20 Under 40 and TV news appearance

Before working with Dina I was really scared of PR. Since working with Dina, I was selected for a local Top 20 Under 40, and I know a lot of that was with Dina’s help to position me. I’ve written for Thrive Global, OnStage blog, Women’s Health, Business Insider and I was able to get another feature article with a large newspaper on the topic of eating disorders – being seen as an expert in the community has been really awesome, I even appeared on the news!

Libby Parker,
Registered Dietician

Book sales doubled

Since working with Dina I have been published in The Huffington Post, had a piece covering my novels in The Chester Chronicle, as well as being invited to blog for the mental health charity MIND. In the week following the publication of one of the articles, my book sales more than doubled! I have also been invited to guest blog on several sites and have appeared in a BBC documentary. I cannot recommend Dina highly enough – she is extremely professional, wonderfully friendly, and very understanding.

Hazel Butler,
The Write Copy Girl

Copyright 2020 Dina Behrman