Ready to discover some PR insider secrets? Let’s go!

I know that lots of you find the idea of PR daunting. You’re not quite sure how it all works, you don’t know how it can apply to your business, you think that it’s too difficult or too expensive for you to do yourself.

Well, as someone who is not only a former journalist but is a PR coach who has taught scores of business owners just like you about PR, let me put your mind at rest.

Firstly, rest assured, PR doesn’t need to be scary. It shouldn’t feel inaccessible. And it it definitely shouldn’t feel like something that costs too much for you to consider.

With a little guidance, I’m convinced that each and every one of you can carry out your own PR campaign, and secure brilliant media coverage. 

I have some PR insider secrets just for you with things you can do to get your business written about in newspaper and mags and your voice heard on radio and TV…

1) Make a plan

Before you do anything, you need to plan out what you want to achieve with your PR campaign. Are you hoping to use media coverage to raise your profile, build your brand, increase your visibility, gain credibility, reach new clients? Think about what you want to achieve and that will help you decide what you need to do to get there.

2) Get a media hit-list

The spray and pray approach is never a good idea! When you’re thinking about which publications to get in touch with you need to be targetted. Which newspapers are a good match? Which magazines will bring your results? Which radio stations or TV shows would you really benefit from being on? Do your research and come up with a media hit-list to target.

3) Pick your PR tools

When you know what you want to achieve you can think about how to achieve it. There are a host of PR tools at your disposal, it’s simply a question of deciding which ones are right for you. Have a think about what’s going to work best for you, to bring you the best results. For example, will you write and distribute a press release? Will you set up a press event? Will you use blogging to get publicity? What about social media?

4) Maximise your efforts

When you’ve gone to all that trouble to get media coverage, it’s important to make the most of any media opportunities that do come up. Make sure you post links on your website to any published articles that mention you or business and if you appear on TV or radio ask the producers for a copy of the recording (or get a friend to record it for you). You should also be posting links to your media appearances on social media and in your newsletters.

Have you had success with a PR campaign or are you going to try one? Leave your questions and comment below. 



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