As you may know, I work with entrepreneurs to teach them how to do their own PR and get great media coverage. So whenever I meet business owners for the first time, the thing they often want to know is what can they do right now to start getting their business written about in newspapers and magazines.

When I tell them that there’s one simple thing they can start doing immediately that will massively impact how successful their PR campaign is, they’re often surprised.

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Because for many people, PR is a bit of a mystery. It all seems a bit smoke and mirrors. And surely you have to know the right people and spend loads of money to get any kind of decent results?

Fortunately, that’s not the case – check out some comments from some of my clients who have had big successes with PR.

I’m a massive advocate of entrepreneurs doing their own PR. There are loads of things you can do to get brilliant coverage in a host of media outlets.

And one way to get started right now is to do this super simple thing…

Take some time to read.

Yep, set aside 15 minutes or half an hour, or however long you can spare. Pour yourself a coffee, make yourself comfortable, and spend some time reading your ideal publications.

Take a browse of your local paper, your favourite online news site, a glossy magazine, or a popular blog. Whatever publication you choose, just spend a bit of time reading through some articles and getting to know what type of features they run.

  • Is there a way that your business could fit in with one of their regular columns?
  • Could you be interviewed for one of their articles?
  • Could you provide an expert comment for one of their features?
  • Could you feature as a case study?

The best PR campaigns begin with some time spent researching, and reading is a big part of that.

Read and get to know your ideal publications, and you’ll have a brilliant starting point for your PR activities.

Got any comments or queries about this? Post them below and I’ll get back to you.


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