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Multi-Author Book Program

 and become a contributing author in our next book

Our next collaborative book



Our next collaborative book:


Share your story and expertise in our book and be part of an exciting, collaborative project with fellow business owners and leaders

It’s time to share your message, grow your audience and make a bigger impact


You simply write a 3000 word chapter and your bio and the publishing team at Inspired World Publishing do the rest.



We take care of the:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • formatting
  • cover design
  • publishing of the ebook and paperback 
  • book launch promo pack
  • Amazon bestseller campaign



Follow our tried and tested marketing plan and focus on enjoying the book launch process with your co-authors!

Together with your fellow collaborating authors we all promote the book up to and including book launch day, using our Amazon bestseller strategy. 

Check out the results from one of our previous multi-author books – it hit #1 bestseller in 6 categories in Australia, 4 in the US and 4 in the UK within just 24 hours of the book’s launch

#1 in Women & Business
#1 in Personal Transformation
#1 in Women Writers

What’s included in the Multi-Author Book Program:

Done For You Book Creation, Publishing & Amazon Bestseller Campaign


Simply email your chapter and bio to our editing team and they take it from there. Receive feedback and a second look at your chapter to ensure it’s polished and ready to be seen by the world.


Allow us to handle all formatting of both the ebook and paperback editions of the book.

>> COVER DESIGN (Value £750)

We take pride in hiring the best designers for an absolutely gorgeous cover.


Our team takes care of the details and informs you of the release date so you can be prepared to share it with your audience.


>> MARKETING & PROMO PACK (Value £3000)

Get clear guidance on how to promote the book for an  international launch, plus receive promotional artwork and copy to use on social media.


We submit the book into Amazon categories where it not only has the best chance of hitting bestseller status, but where it will be found by customers for years to come

>> SUPPORT & NETWORKING (Value £1200)

Get all the practical and mindset support you need with writing, launching and promoting the book, plus the chance to network with your fellow authors, via group calls and a private FB group


So you can clarify your story and expertise, write your game-changing chapter, and monetise the book!

5 modules with easy-to-digest training videos, housed in an online portal, that you can work through in your own time

Simple prompts and action steps to help you implement with ease
Lifetime access so you can revisit whenever you desire

What’s included in the Get K.N.O.W.N System:


Kickstart your success

You’ll overcome any visibility fears, so you can confidently put yourself out there. Plus you’ll write an effective author bio that showcases what you do and encourages readers to connect with you.

Nail your compelling story

You’ll get clarity on your compelling story and identify what to share to connect with your ideal clients more easily

Own your unique expertise

You’ll understand how to share your expertise so that you rapidly build the know, like and trust factor with prospective clients 

Write your game-changing chapter

You’ll write your chapter in a way that connects with the reader, positions you as an authority and creates a lasting impact and more sales. Plus get my hacks for making the writing process quick, easy and FUN!

Now leverage!

Get your collaborative book out to as many people as possible and learn how to leverage the book to open the door to opportunities (think speaking gigs, collaborations, publicity opportunities) and to attract and engage your ideal clients. 

BONUS: Storytelling That Sells Challenge and Storytelling Formula Masterclass, to help you infuse your stories into your social media posts, emails, website and live videos.  



Includes everything listed above


Includes everything listed above plus:

Your name on the front cover of the book


‘Done For You’ Press Release & VIP PR Session with Dina – Dina will write a bespoke book launch press release for you & will walk you through how to use it to pitch the press, including where to find journalist contacts, during a 1-2-1 call. You’ll also receive Dina’s Perfect PR Foundations course, to get you set for success with pitching the press. (Value £1500)


Your investment:

Prefer to pay in dollars?

The standard investment is $1877 USD or 2 x $1030 USD or 3 x $688 USD

Or go VIP for $3100 pay-in-full or 2 $1700 or 3 x $1148

Click here to pay in dollars – standard

Or pay in dollars – VIP

Got questions or want to chat first to check if it’s a fit for you? Click here to complete the contact form – send the words ‘Multi-Author Book Programme’, and we’ll be in touch!

Dina Behrman Creating Joy
A game changer for me! Being a part of the book has not only changed my life but also catapulted my business. The empowering experience I had by collaborating with like minded, successful people was amazing. The book offered me an opportunity to finally become a #1 bestselling author and impacted people globally by sharing my message, it was truly one of the best things I ever participated in. And the PR support was second to none!

Maria Fontana,
Business Consultant

I gained the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to become an international bestselling author. The marketing advice was invaluable, as was the chance to network and collaborate with other changemakers worldwide and share in their own stories. It has provided a perfect platform to promote my work and business and produced tangible long-term benefits. Dina and her team made the entire process easy and seamless from start to finish with expert support and mentoring at every step of the project.

Andrew Cowie,
Phoenix Coaching & Therapy

Dina Behrman Creating Impact
This project is for you if you desire to:

Inspire others by sharing your story and your message & connect with your audience more deeply


Use your book as a powerful marketing tool to grow your business and take it to the next level

What you can expect from this experience

You’ll receive training and guidance on:

Your story and your message


Gain clarity on your personal story and discover how to share key messages in your chapter. We’ll guide you to write your chapter in a way that is inspiring and motivating, so that you connect with the people you’re here to serve through your writing.

Marketing & publicity

Be guided on how to market the book so that you get the most out of the experience, and learn how to leverage it to gain exciting opportunities and new clients.


Learn the same process Dina’s book mentor used to make an additional $82k in sales when she was part of a multi-author book.

Networking opportunities

Benefit from accountability buddies, joint venture opportunities, referral opportunities, and more. Plus leverage the audiences of other high-level entrepreneurs and business owners


Dina Behrman Creating Impact
This project has brought so much healing to my heart. Telling my story was a huge release for me. I finally let go of 2 decades of pain. This moment where I held our stories in print was so powerful for me. I was overcome with gratitude for everything that has led up until this point. It all makes sense now. This is why it all had to happen. Thank you, Dina Behrman, for giving us the opportunity to tell our stories and offer hope and healing to others. I can’t wait for what’s next!

Heather Stewart,
Anxiety & Confidence Coach

Writing my book chapter and participating in our launch was a great journey! We grew as a team of authors over time, and learned along the way how to build your chapter and what to look out when you launch the book in the media! I loved this experience, and warmly recommend you to try it.


Eva Gruber,
Habit Coach & Mental Fitness Expert

Dina Behrman Creating Impact
Dina Behrman Creating Impact
This process really took me to another level in my business – to have a published book is a great asset for your business, and doing the book helped me with the launch of my programme and created a lot of energy and excitement. Around this time I also had my first £20k month in my business. On a personal level I found it a cathartic process, after writing my chapter I felt a huge relief and on a side note I even lost weight. I made friends being part of the book and I gained clients. I would definitely recommend joining one of Dina’s multi-author books.


Laura Kane,
Holistic Success Coach

Hi, I’m Dina


I’m a journalist-turned-PR strategist, and the founder of Inspired World Publishing. I work with business owners and leaders who want to inspire millions, skyrocket their visibility and attract more soulmate clients. I help them stop being the internet’s best kept secret, become the ‘go to’ expert and create a much bigger impact in the world by sharing their story and expertise in the press and in multi-author books.

As seen in:

Dina Behrman PR Strategist As Seen In

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What past authors have to say:

Leveraged her author status to land multiple speaking gigs, experienced personal and business growth & collab opportunities

Used author status to land amazing media coverage, including a TV appearance, secured multiple podcast interviews & created networking opportunities

Leigh Daniel

Serial entrepreneur & founder of Leigh Daniel Family Law

“Taking part in the multi-author book with Dina was a wonderful experience from start to finish. It’s been an incredible way to share my story and I feel much freer after sharing part of the adversity I’ve overcome. I’m happy to be able to inspire others. I would highly suggest being part of anything Dina does!”
Dina Behrman Creating Impact

Julie Maigret Shapiro

Founder Women Who Stay In The Game

We had so much support from Dina each step of the way and I loved enthusiastic she was about our contributions. I learned a lot about: the storytelling arc, how to leverage the book as a platform to make significant gains in my business. I learned how to maximize the publishing opportunity. You can’t go wrong – working with Dina. She is a true professional!





Mel MacIntyre

Intuitive Business Coach

Being a part of the book was so rewarding and it was so satisfying to get messages from people who read my chapter and were so touched and inspired by my story. And I went from saying ‘yes’ to it, to becoming an international bestselling author in 8 weeks! So anyone who’s thinking it would take so much time – I wrote my chapter within a couple of weeks. It wasn’t hard work at all, it was wonderful. And it’s a legacy. I would highly recommend the experience with Dina, the support she gives, the training, the community of authors, if anyone is on the fence just dive in!”
Booked five podcasts in one week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
This is for business owners or leaders  who want to become an author,  be part of an exciting co-creative project and leverage this opportunity to inspire others and grow their business. 
What's the timeline for the book?
You will have approximately 4 weeks to write your chapter, and the book will be published in summer 2024.
Do I really have enough time to do this?
You will be writing a chapter of between 2000 – 3000 words, which usually takes people a few hours in total. You will have guidance and support on how to write your chapter in a way that is quick, easy and fun. Many people do it in two to three sittings.
How do you ensure we hit bestseller status?
Whilst we don’t make guarantees, we follow a tried and tested strategy – my publishing team has a 100% success rate in reaching Amazon bestseller status. This does require all of the authors to share about the book with their audiences, and we give you plenty of support, guidance and resources to help you to do that in a way that is fun and easy.
Will I receive royalties from the book?

The book will be sold for $0.99/£0.99 during the book launch, with all proceeds going to charity. This keeps things easy logistically and encourages as many people as possible to buy the book on book launch day. Once the paperback is out, you’ll have the option to buy as many copies as you like at cost price and then sell them at a marked up price if you’d like to.

I've got a question that's not been answered, what should I do?

Send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you.

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