how to uplevel your business with publicity

A lot of the women I work with are at a pivotal stage in their business when they decide they want to focus on their publicity.

Either their business is new – and they’re keen to get the word out and start signing up clients.

Or their business has been going a while, but they’re not hitting the targets they’d hoped for, so they want to leverage the media to grow their followings and start making more sales.

Or they’re already pretty established, but they’re ready to take their business to the next level. These are women who are doing ok in their business, but they want to push through and become that ‘go to’ expert in their industry. They want to book in more high-end clients. They want to share their message widely and start having a HUGE impact.

So how can you use publicity to up-level your business? Read on my friend, read on…

  1. Use it to position you as an expert

Whether you write a guest post sharing your expertise, or get quoted in an article as an expert, you can use the opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Make sure you share your knowledge and insight when you’re quoted as an expert as it will encourage people to be more likely to trust you and therefore more likely to do business with you.

2. Use it to make an impact

I’m lucky enough to work with a range of entrepreneurs who have important messages they want to share. Some of my clients run social enterprises or are promoting campaigns. Some have triumphed over adversity and want to share their stories to inspire others and let people know they’re not alone. Some want to share their knowledge to help people have more ease or joy in their lives or businesses. When you pitch your story, tell the journalist or editor what impact you’d like to make and why you want to help people.

3. Use it to make sales

Appearing in the press can have a positive impact on your bottom line. When people discover your business, it’s likely to lead to more sales. I had one client who signed up ten new clients on the back of one newspaper article. I had another whose sales went up by 200% after getting media coverage, another who doubled her book sales after just one article in the press, and another who gained new VIP clients on the back of press coverage. (Read more about them here…) Make sure you’re consistent with your PR, and you’ll benefit from regular extra sales.

4. Use it to help you charge more 

One of the reasons so many people want to be seen as an expert, is because people will pay a premium to work with an expert. Generally, once you start getting media coverage, you should be able to confidently raise your prices. One client of mine wrote several guest articles and was quoted in the media and raised her prices as a result.

5. Use it to grow your following

Every time you appear in a new publication, you’re reaching a new audience of thousands or even millions of people. One of my clients got 1000 new Instagram followers in one day after appearing in the press! And if you have some strategy to your publicity, you can make sure the publications you’re featured in are read by your ideal clients, which will help you to gain email subscribers and social media followers.

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