Want to know how to create a media kit? Read on…

Now, when it comes to getting publicity for your business, you may have heard people talking about a media kit or press pack. But what exactly are they, and how do you get one?

A media kit or press pack is basically a file with information about your business that you can post on your website or use in any promotional materials that you have. It’s a handy compilation of info about your biz, that you can send out to journos and editors. It might be a printed document that you can hold in your hands, or a digital pack that’s available on your website. 

In terms of design, Canva has some great templates that you can use, or you can create a simple PDF in your brand colours. 

How To Create A Media Kit

If you’re thinking about how to create a media kit, you need to look at the different elements you might like to include. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to include them all, feel free to pick and choose…

1.    An overview of your business

Include some text outlining what your business is. Some questions you might want to answer are: What is your business? How and when did it launch? How has it progressed?

2.    Frequently Asked Questions

A good trick for making sure any potential queries from journalists are covered, is to include some FAQs.

3.    Products/services

Talk about the products or services you offer. Include relevant information about the name of the product or service, what’s included, the price, and how someone can purchase.

4.    Profile

Include a personal biography  – make sure to include things like your career background, training/certifications, achievements, any awards, books published, expert credentials, plus the size of your audience (i.e. social media following/email list) etc.

5.    Press coverage

Mention previous media coverage – you can include logos of the media outlets you’ve been featured in. You may also choose to include links to actual press coverage.

6.    Testimonials

You may choose to include some testimonials from satisfied customers

7.    Photos and logos

You’ll need some professional pics of yourself, as well as some of your products if relevant. Also have some downloadable versions of your logo and branding.  

8.   Contact information

This is really important – make sure you include ways for journalists to easily get in touch with you. Include your website, your social media handles, as well as an email address and possibly a phone number.

You can use your media kit on your website and direct members of the press to it when you get in touch with them. You can also use it in promotional material, or as part of any brochures that you send out.

Got any questions about how to create a media kit? Leave a comment below…

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