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Female entrepreneur who wants to make your business famous & serve more people? You’re in the right place.

I’m Dina Behrman, aka The Business Fame Coach. I’m a UK-based former journalist who works with women just like you to skyrocket your service-based business with the right kind of publicity. You want to take the next step with your business, you want to position yourself as an expert in your field. Let me help you…

Dina Behrman PR Success

It’s time to get your business seen and heard!


You want to get in front of more of your ideal clients, so that you can help more people. But you’re scared of putting yourself out there


You’d love to somehow magically become the go-to person in your niche. You’d secretly even love to become a household name one day. But how the heck are you meant to do it?


You’ve seen other businesses getting coverage in magazines and newspapers and appearing on the latest blogs, and you’d love to do the same. After all, you know you’re just as accomplished as them, so why isn’t it happening for you? 


You’ve got an important message you want to share with the world and you’d love to spread the word by getting featured in a glossy magazine, or a national newspaper, or even being on TV. But you don’t know where to start 

If you can identify with any of that, then you and I need to talk. Because with the right kind of publicity you can:

Get your message out = help more people = change the world

Get in front of thousands more of your ideal clients = make more sales

Grab that coveted expert status = fame, fortune and untold wealth (or at the very least being justified in finally raising your prices)

Build your brand = grow your business = on the path to world domination.

3 Ways You Can Work With Me


Done For you

Self Study

International recognition

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, The Metro, Natural Health Magazine and Female First. She even got FORBES to acknowledge my coaching success as an under 30 success story!

This level of intern...

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Sami Wunder Dating & Relationship Coach
Sami Wunder

Recently I had some fabulous mainstream coverage in Daily Mail, Forbes, Telegraph etc.

I’d love to tell you it’s because these publications found me and loved my work, and asked me to feature me… but unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.

YOU need to put yourself out there, at least...

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Lenka Lutonska Mindset & Business Coach
Lenka Lutonska

Working with Dina has been an incredible experience. In just a few weeks, Dina helped me to get featured in four major publications and two major podcasts. One of those features doubled (!) the numbers in my Facebook group in less than 48 hours. That’s right – with just one feature, we doubled m...

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Jessica Lorimer 
Jessica Lorimer

My clients regularly feature in big name magazines, newspaper and blogs. Some of them have also been on TV and radio. The impact this has on their business is huge.


They’re helping more people and changing lives


They’re getting tons more website traffic


Their followings on social media are higher than ever


They’re being offered bigger and better opportunities – think speaking gigs, their own columns, one client has even bagged her own radio show, while another has added a new revenue stream mentoring her peers


They’re making more sales – one of my client’s sales went up by 200% after working with me, another signed up ten new clients in a week


They’re securing more high-end VIP clients


They’re finally putting their prices up

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