Ready to finally be seen as the authority in your field and to get more eyeballs on your business?


Get Known

The Collaborative Book Mastermind

A four-month experience to become an author in a collaborative book & leverage it so you can create a lasting impact and attract more soulmate clients!

Become a contributing author in our next multi-author anthology – a collection of stories and wisdom from experts sharing their biggest life lessons

Our next collaborative book:

“The One Thing I Want You To Know:

Life Lessons To Live By” 

Our next collaborative book:

“The One Thing I Want You To Know:

Life Lessons To Live By” 

To the amazing heart-centered coach, consultant or expert who’s ready to create an even bigger impact in the world and attract more soulmate clients with ease, I see you!


You’ve honed your niche, got your offer and you’re doing amazing things in the world, but you’re ready to take things up a notch


Your clients get incredible results, and you have plenty of great feedback, but your desire is to serve even more of them 


You know deep down that what got you here, won’t get you there and you are oh-so-ready for that next level 


You know you *should* be focussing on getting visible, but you don’t know where to start (or maybe you’ve dipped your toe in when it comes to visibility, but you’re ready to fully dive in!)


You can’t help feeling frustrated, and if you’re honest, a little jealous, when you see yet another peer celebrating becoming a published author or being featured in the press (or maybe you’ve been featured but you want to do it in an even bigger & better way)


All in all, you want to get yourself out there in a way that truly makes a difference and actually grows your business 


I believe it’s simply NOT ok that someone who is brilliant at what they do and has SO much value to share is missing out because you don’t know how to get your message out there in a big enough way.

That’s why I’ve helped scores of coaches and consultants share their story & expertise in bestselling collaborative books and in the press, so they can:


Harness the power of being published on other people’s platforms (getting them in front of WAY more people)

Truly position themselves as an expert, so that new opportunities open up (think speaking gigs, your own column or even a radio show) whilst giving them the confidence to raise their rates
Create a deeper emotional connection with prospects to cultivate that elusive know, love and trust factor that makes people want to buy from them
And attract more soulmate clients

Just like these clients


Lenka Lutonska

7-Figure Mindset & Business Coach

“I get numerous messages from women telling me how my articles inspired and helped them. And yes, I got plenty of gorgeous clients as a result of being published in respectable publications”.

Sami Wunder

International Dating & Relationship Coach

One article brought in 1500 new leads. The people who found me on Business Insider or Forbes, they just know they want to work with me. I get chased, I get messaged in my inbox.”

Dina Behrman Creating Joy

Maria Fontana

Business Consultant

“Being a part of the book has not only changed my life but also catapulted my business. The empowering experience I had by collaborating with like minded, successful people was amazing. It was truly one of the best things I ever participated in. And the PR support was second to none!”


Imagine finally achieving the kind of visibility that actually grows your business…

When I started my business I was scared to get visible, so I played small. I took on any random client who came to me, and charged way too little, meaning I ended up overworked and underpaid. 

When I finally learnt to OWN my expert status, put myself out there and effectively share my story and expertise everything changed! I got featured in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur and the BBC, and more recently I became a 2x contributing author in bestselling collaborative books.

I started being seen as an authority in my field, I was able to put my prices up, and attract the dream clients I adore working with. 

Today I have a business I love, working with clients around the world.

The truth is, you can stop being a best kept secret, create a bigger impact and way more income by sharing your story and expertise in one game-changing chapter in a bestselling collaborative book and leveraging it

That’s why I created the Get K.N.O.W.N Method, where I combine my journalist background and my experience as a publicist for 7-figure entrepreneurs with publishing, storytelling and marketing. 

So you can confidently share your story and expertise in a way that enables you to create a lasting impact in the world, grow your business and attract more dreamy clients to you.

Over the past 10 years I’ve helped clients leverage their stories and expertise in the press and more recently in collaborative books so they can reach more of the people they’re here to serve, and create incredible results in their businesses:

Like Lenka who signed up $10k clients with ease after sharing her story

Or Anne who’s sales went up by 200 percent

Or Dawn who signed ten new clients in a week, followed by ten more a few weeks later

Or Christine who 6x’d her fees

Or Harriette who had a successful five-figure launch from one article

Or Sami who gained 1500 new leads resulting in more sales and multiple high-ticket clients signing up after being featured

What Dina’s clients say:

“I doubled my Facebook group in less than 48 hours and made $12k in sales thanks to one article” 

“Multiple New Clients After Being Featured In Mainstream Media”

“International Recognition, new clients & leads”

Dina Behrman Creating Impact

“New subscribers, discovery calls booked and new clients signing up” 

I was featured in The Guardian, Best Magazine, Coach Magazine and, leading to around 200 new subscribers, 4 discovery calls booked and new high-ticket clients signing up to work with me!

Melanie MacIntyre,
Intuitive Business Coach
Dina Behrman Creating Impact

“Amazing results and new clients booking me” 

Dina supported me to feel more confident about getting publicity. Since working with Dina I’ve been featured as an expert in Hello! Magazine, Stylist, MSN, Fabulous magazine, Health & Wellbeing and more. I love being able to share my tips and advice with a global audience and have seen amazing results in my business, with new clients booking me after reading my articles.

Nigit Begum,
Make-Up Artist & Creative Director

“More recognition, more book sales & more referrals”  

I had big features in the Daily Mail, Woman magazine, Bella magazine, Marie Claire and several guest articles on platforms like Huffington Post, The Mighty, BEAT, National Eating Disorders Association and more. This led to more recognition, more books sales and more referrals. Working with Dina was a great investment! 

Kim Marshall,
Eating Disorder Expert 

“Doubled email list & more referrals” 

I was commissioned by the Daily Mirror’s New Day to write three articles, as an expert! Since being published, my email list has more than doubled, I’ve sold a lot more copies of my book and had more referrals.

Samantha Babington,
Life Coach

Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials

“Valuable connections with journalists who always reply”

Dina is excellent. Knowledgeable, very well connected, clear in her message and the modules are fantastic. I have built an impressive relevant email list of valuable connections with journalists /outlets who always reply, support and advise. I know how to write a pitch that will grab attention and I don’t feel awkward about following up. Both of which are huge.
Sonia Grimes, 
Founder of The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials

Become a contributing author in our next multi-author anthology – a collection of stories and wisdom from experts sharing their biggest life lessons

Our next collaborative book:

“The One Thing I Want You To Know:

Life Lessons To Live By” 

Our next collaborative book:

“The One Thing I Want You To Know:

Life Lessons To Live By” 


You simply write a 4000 word chapter and your bio and myself and my publishing team do the rest.


We take care of the:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • formatting
  • cover design
  • publishing of the ebook and paperback 
  • book launch promo pack
  • book launch press release
  • Amazon bestseller campaign


All you’ll need to do is follow our tried and tested marketing plan and focus on enjoying the book launch process with your co-authors!

The theme of this book is ‘The One Thing I Want You To Know’ and will showcase stories and expertise from coaches, consultants and business owners sharing a life lesson they’ve learned that will help others, with the opportunity to talk about their business and the work they do.

Together with your fellow collaborating authors we all promote the book up to and including book launch day – using our Amazon bestseller strategy. You’ll enjoy a virtual book launch event, and following the Amazon launch, the book will be available at thousands of online retailers including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Apple Books,  Kobo,  and more.


Check out the results from one of our previous multi-author books – it hit #1 bestseller in 6 categories in Australia, 4 in the US and 4 in the UK within just 24 hours of the book’s launch.

#1 in Women & Business
#1 in Personal Transformation
#1 in Women Writers

And we help you to leverage the book to land media coverage, just like these contributing authors did:

Eva was featured in Austria’s largest newspaper

Yury was featured on Digital Journal

Teresa was featured on Yahoo Finance

Joana was interviewed on TV in her home country of Portugal

This is all possible for you when you understand how to identify your compelling story, clarify your expertise, share them in a collaborative book & leverage it to attract your ideal clients.


X throwing money at Facebook ads

X spending all day trying to master the latest social media trend

X or feeling like you have to post in a hundred different Facebook groups in an attempt to get in front of more people or engage your existing audience

I’m here to show you there’s another way!

Dina Behrman

Get Known

The Collaborative Book Mastermind

is a four-month experience to become an author in a collaborative book & leverage it, so you can create a lasting impact and attract more soulmate clients

Here’s how we do it:

First we help you clarify what your compelling story and unique expertise are, and how to articulate them effectively, so you don’t have to spend hours feeling overwhelmed figuring it out yourself

Then we help you share them in one GAME-CHANGING chapter in a bestselling multi-author book – instead of spending a year writing an entire book yourself you get to focus on writing one super powerful chapter

Next we help you tell your story and share your expertise in the press, so you can land media opportunities with ease, in order to create an even bigger impact and get more eyeballs on your business

And finally you’ll learn how to leverage the book and the media coverage to position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert and attract soulmate clients

Here’s a look at what you get inside the mastermind:


12 x live group Author Support calls with me where you’ll receive training and support on clarifying your story and expertise, writing your chapter & pitching the press. Plus monthly implementation sessions to make sure you get it all done  (Value $6000)


Weekly Copy Review threads where you’ll receive feedback on any written material, including your chapter and your media pitches, so you can feel confident in your writing, and ready to pitch the press (Value $4000)


Access to my Get Known System where you’ll have modules, templates and workbooks for writing your chapter, launching the book and leveraging it, so you know exactly what you need to do every step of the way (Value $5000)


A private Facebook community with your new co-authors for networking and support (Value $1,000)


Access to Monetize The Book bonus training. Learn the same process my book mentor used to create $82k worth of sales when she contributed to a multi-author book. (Value $1000)


Book launch press release & PR training get a professional, pre-written book launch press release that you can simply add your details to, along with step-by-step training on how to get it out to journalists, plus my tried and tested podcast pitch template and podcast guest training (Value $1500)


‘Done For You’ publishing services including professional editing of your chapter, formatting for kindle and print, cover design, publish on Amazon, marketing & promo pack, bestseller campaign – let us do the heavy lifting for you! (Value $10,000)

Plus these epic bonuses so you can fast-track your results


Get my exclusive PR trainings & resources so that you can continue to get widespread media coverage after the book launch – includes the Quick Win Media Guide (with the best media outlets to pitch for quick and easy wins), exclusive Pitch The Press training with accompanying templates (learn how to pitch national & international media), plus my Pitch & Press Release Swipe File (get the EXACT pitches I used to land media coverage in Forbes, Entrepreneur and more!)  Let’s get you press coverage, pronto!

VALUE: $3000


Access 5 pre-recorded training sessions with journalists & producers so you can understand how best to pitch them. This kind of insight is priceless! Includes Forbes journalist, TV producer, women’s magazine commissioning editor, award-winning freelance magazine journalist, and leading freelance newspaper & magazine journalist

VALUE: $2500


Discover how to create a simple yet potent book funnel so that the book is always working for you! Use the book to bring new clients into your world

VALUE: $1000



But your investment is just a fraction of that!


Following my signature Get K.N.O.W.N system, you’ll receive all the guidance and support you need to clarify your story and expertise, write your game-changing chapter, pitch the press and leverage!

Kickstart your success

You’ll discover how to overcome any visibility fears straight off the bat, so you can confidently put yourself out there. Plus you’ll write an effective author bio that showcases your work and encourages readers to connect with you.

Nail your compelling story

You’ll get clarity on your compelling story and identify what to share to connect with your ideal clients more easily

Own your unique expertise

You’ll understand how to position yourself as an expert by sharing your expertise so that you rapidly build the know, like and trust factor with prospective clients and can command premium prices

Write your game-changing chapter

You’ll learn how to write your game-changing chapter in a way that connects with the reader, positions you as an authority who people want to work with and creates a lasting impact and more sales. Plus get my hacks for making the writing process quick, easy and FUN!

Now leverage!

You’ll understand how to create a successful book launch so that you get your collaborative book out to as many people as possible and you’ll learn how to leverage the book to open the door to opportunities (think speaking gigs, collaboration opportunities, etc) and to attract and engage your ideal clients. Plus you’ll be guided on how to successfully pitch the press to land consistent media coverage.

*We start January 23rd!

Leveraged her author status to land multiple speaking gigs, experienced personal and business growth & collab opportunities! 

Used author status to land amazing media coverage, including a TV appearance, secured multiple podcast interviews & created networking opportunities

Leigh Daniel

Serial entrepreneur & founder of Project Positive Change

“Taking part in the multi-author book with Dina was a wonderful experience from start to finish. It’s been an incredible way to share my story and I feel much freer after sharing part of the adversity I’ve overcome. I’m happy to be able to inspire others. I would highly suggest being part of anything Dina does!”

Heather Stewart

Anxiety & Confidence Coach

“This project has brought so much healing to my heart. Telling my story was a huge release for me. I finally let go of 2 decades of pain. This moment where I held our stories in print was so powerful for me. I was overcome with gratitude for everything that has led up until this point. It all makes sense now. This is why it all had to happen. Thank you, Dina Behrman, for giving us the opportunity to tell our stories and offer hope and healing to others. I can’t wait for what’s next!”

Mel MacIntyre

Intuitive Business Coach

Being a part of the book was so rewarding and it was so satisfying to get messages from people who read my chapter and were so touched and inspired by my story. And I went from saying ‘yes’ to it, to becoming an international bestselling author in 8 weeks! So anyone who’s thinking it would take so much time – I wrote my chapter within a couple of weeks. It wasn’t hard work at all, it was wonderful. And it’s a legacy. I would highly recommend the experience with Dina, the support she gives, the training, the community of authors, if anyone is on the fence just dive in!”


(Prices are in US dollars. VAT will be added for UK residents)

Make your payment within 48-hours of your application being accepted, and you’ll get a bonus 45-minute 1-2-1 call with Dina!

Your journey to become an author begins today!

You’re the perfect fit for this if:

You’re a coach, consultant or expert who’s established in business (you’ve been in business a year or more)

You’re doing amazing things in the world and getting fantastic results for your clients, but you’re done with feeling like a best kept secret

You know deep down you’re ready to become a published author and get featured in the press, even if the idea feels a little daunting!

You believe in collaboration over competition and you’re excited about collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs

You want to leverage this book and the media opportunities that go with it so you can leave a lasting legacy, whilst creating an even bigger impact and more income

It’s not for you if:

You’ve never had a client and don’t know what you’re selling or you don’t have any experience in your industry

You don’t want to be seen as the ‘face’ of your business

You expect instant results but aren’t prepared to put the work in

You’re prone to making excuses instead of taking action on getting yourself out there

You’re looking for a magic bullet or ‘quick fix’ to save your business

You don’t see the value in becoming a published author to grow your business



Becoming a published author (without having to spend a year writing your own book!) and getting featured in the press, with support and guidance so that it happens quickly, easily and with a whole lot of fun


Getting messages in your DMs from people who have read your chapter, seen your article or heard your interview and want to get to know more about you and your work


Leveraging the book and splashing those ‘As seen in’ media logos so you become known as an expert in your niche, commanding premium prices and receiving new opportunities


Easily increasing your visibility and credibility so that you effortlessly attract more soulmate clients to you

Dina Behrman Creating Joy

Being part of the collaborative book was super rewarding. I managed to put my key message out in the world and on top of that, I’ve expanded my network and have used the book to get featured in amazing places, including a TV show on one of the main channels in Portugal. I’ve gained loads of networking opportunities, got featured in the press, went on a live TV show, got featured in podcasts, etc. The book is an extraordinary asset to have, when it comes to becoming more visible.

Joana Fonseca Orvalho
Career Coach

Dina Behrman Creating Joy
Dina Behrman Creating Joy

Dina created a safe space for all of us to thrive. Dina is very thorough and every detail was so well organized. She shared her expertise on publishing, PR and marketing freely. We had so much support from Dina each step of the way and I loved enthusiastic she was about our contributions. I learned a lot about: the storytelling arc, how to leverage the book as a platform to make significant gains in my business. I learned how to maximize the publishing opportunity. You can’t go wrong – working with Dina. She is a true professional!

Julie Maigret Shapiro,
Founder Women Who Stay In The Game

Dina Behrman Creating Joy

I gained the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to become an international bestselling author. The marketing advice was invaluable, as was the chance to network and collaborate with other changemakers worldwide and share in their own stories. It has provided a perfect platform to promote my work and business and produced tangible long-term benefits. Dina and her team made the entire process easy and seamless from start to finish with expert support and mentoring at every step of the project.

Andrew Cowie,
Phoenix Coaching & Therapy

Dina Behrman Creating Joy

Writing my book chapter and participating in our launch was a great journey! We grew as a team of authors over time, and learned along the way how to build your chapter and what to look out when you launch the book in the media! I loved this experience, and warmly recommend you to try it.

Eva Gruber,
Habit Coach & Mental Fitness Expert


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is not for people who are brand new in business. This is for coaches, consultants and experts who are already working with clients and want to become a bestselling author, get featured in the press and leverage this opportunity to inspire others, create a positive impact and skyrocket their business. 

What's the cost?

The earlybird price is $5500, which includes a $1000 saving. We also have earlybird payment plan options of 4 x $1500 or 6 x $1000.

What's the time commitment?

I created this program with the busy entrepreneur in mind so you won’t be overloaded with time-consuming trainings.  You’ll have short and actionable trainings to work through each week and 3x 60-minute group calls to get support and guidance each month, plus an optional monthly implementation session where we’ll meet online for a co-working session to make sure you get stuff done.

What's the timeline for the book?

We kick off on January 23rd for 16 weeks. Calls will take place on Wednesdays at 6pm UK / 1pm EST / 10am PST – there will be 3 calls a month, and one implementation session. There will be a well-deserved break in June and we will reconvene for our book launch in July 2023.

Do I really have enough time to do this?

You’ll be writing a chapter of around 4000 words, which usually takes people a few hours in total. You will have guidance and support on how to write your chapter in a way that is quick, easy and fun. Many people write their chapters in three to four sittings. For the PR side of things, I give you all the tools and guidance so you can get featured quickly and easily. I even break down what you can easily outsource to a VA or team member if you desire, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

I'd like to get featured in the press but wouldn't it be easier to hire a PR agency?

A decent PR agency will cost you around $5k – $10k per month, usually requiring a minimum year-long retainer. In my experience, even if you plan to outsource your PR in the future, it makes sense to learn how PR works first, so that you can make the most of your investment when you do come to hire a PR agency. In this program you’ll receive training, resources and support to quickly and easily get featured in the press, consistently. I’ll also guide you on how you can outsource elements of your PR to a VA or team member if you desire, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Will I receive royalties from the book?

Rather than focussing on making money from sales of the book, we focus on helping you to make money by leveraging the book to attract new clients and opportunities. The book will be sold for $0.99/£0.99 during the book launch, with all proceeds going to charity. Once the paperback is out, you’ll have the option to buy as many copies as you like at cost price and then sell them at a marked up price and keep the profits.

Hi, I’m Dina

I’m a journalist-turned-PR strategist & publisher, who works with entrepreneurs who want to inspire millions, skyrocket their visibility and attract more soulmate clients. I help them stop being the internet’s best kept secret, become the ‘go to’ expert and create a much bigger impact in the world by sharing their story and expertise in the press and in bestselling collaborative books.

I launched my business following a decade working as a journalist. Over the past 7+ years I’ve worked as a publicist for a number of 7-figure business owners, and I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn how to do their own PR. I’ve also helped scores of coaches and consultants become bestselling authors in multi-authors books.

Have a question that’s not been answered? Send me a message via the chatbox, or email me at and I’ll get back to you. Alternatively, connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and let’s chat in the DMs!

Booked five podcasts in one week!


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