Quite often when I start working with my 1-2-1 clients they tell me they’d love to get coverage in some of the big glossy magazines. Now, I LOVE a glossy magazine, and lots of my clients have been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Essentials, Prima and various others.

Lots of them say they’d also love to appear in national newspapers, and again, my clients have been featured everywhere from The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, to The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Metro, and more.

But often their first priority isn’t necessarily to get local media coverage. Because, let’s face it, local papers aren’t always very sexy.

Take one of my clients, who a couple of months ago was whisked to London on an all expenses-paid trip where she was met by a stylist and make-up artist and spent the day having professional photos taken for what turned out to be a gorgeous double-page feature in a glossy mag. I doubt she would have been quite so excited if the shoot had been in her hometown for her local rag.

However, there is a LOT to be said for getting local media coverage, and it’s something I always advise my clients to look at in the beginning.

power of local press

Because people love to buy from people they identify with and have things in common with. The people in your local town are generally going to be interested in hearing about what you’re doing in your business, based on the fact you live locally.

That was definitely the case for my client Dawn, an author and hypnotherapist and the founder of Think It Change It, who had some AMAZING results when she was featured in her local paper in Dundee.

In fact, on the back of just ONE press release she achieved:

  • 200+ hits on her website over 2 days as a result of local newspaper article
  • Ten new clients taken on and seen as a result of article and one new client as a result of speaking event
  • Two speaking events covered with additional 40+ people – some of whom became clients
  • 20+ new subscribers to newsletter

Yes, you read that right, TEN new clients taken on as the result of the local newspaper article

Wow! Makes you think twice about getting local media coverage, huh? I’ve got another client who doubled her book sales on the back of one local newspaper article. As she told me last week, ‘local press is awesome’.

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So, how did Dawn do it?

The great thing is, this is just the beginning for Dawn. I have no doubt she’ll continue to get coverage in her local paper, as well as other regional papers. Plus, she is currently in talks with a national newspaper site about appearing as an expert in a feature, she’s speaking to a global blogging platform, and has various other exciting things in the pipeline.

How do you feel about local media? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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