But you’re struggling.

Struggling to get visible, despite doing all the ‘right’ things

Struggling with Imposter Syndrome and the dreaded ‘comparisonitis’

Struggling to reach enough of your ideal clients.

Struggling with the overwhelm of how to market yourself.

Struggling to make enough sales on a consistent basis.

Struggling to charge as much as you’d like to.

Struggling to truly take your business to the next level.

And it’s driving you crazy!

Lady, I get it. The truth is, I’ve been there myself…

Ten years ago I had a great job as a commissioning editor on a popular national newspaper supplement. Life was sweet. Until the
paper had a round of redundancies and I was told I was no longer needed.

Now I somehow had to make a full time living as a freelance journalist. I started sending off pitches to editors. But when I got ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ or worse still, no reply at all, I wondered how I
was ever going to make a go of it.

But giving up was not an option, so I perfected my pitching skills. Finally I cracked it and managed to get published in virtually every national UK newspaper and tons of well-known magazines.

After a while I started offering PR and copywriting services alongside my journalism. But I was playing small, under-charging, and instead of publicising myself, I was hiding.

After a while I started offering PR and copywriting services alongside my journalism. But I was playing small. I was under-charging, and
instead of using my journalism knowledge to publicise myself, I was hiding. I ended up overworked and totally underpaid.

In 2015 when I gave birth to my eldest daughter, I decided things needed to change. I hired a coach, re-branded my business and re-launched as a publicity coach.

By practicing what I preached I was able to put myself out there, effectively position myself as an expert and massively grow my business.

Today I help incredible women from all over the world get seen and heard in places like

and more.

Through the power of PR they’re claiming their expert status to amplify their impact, influence AND their income

Which is why I’m so excited to tell you about the

Experts’ Academy Digital Program

I’ve taken the modules from my signature Experts’ Academy group coaching program and packaged them up for you as a self-study course. But because I want you to feel fully supported, when you
purchase the digital program, you’ll also get free access to 3 months’ of my Inner Circle Membership, where you’ll get group Q&A calls, a private Facebook group, pop-up trainings and regular media requests.


  • getting featured in your dream publications, splashing those ‘as seen in’ logos on your website, and having people reach out to you after reading your article or hearing your interview
  • easily adding hundreds of pre-qualified leads to your email list and social media followings on a regular basis, by focusing on PR for just 30 minutes a day, or a couple of hours a week
  • getting publicity and having the confidence to finally charge your worth (hello £5k and £10k months!), without worrying that your prices are going to scare off potential clients 
  • leveraging publicity to effortlessly attract ideal clients to you, who are dying to work with you, instead of feeling like you’re constantly chasing after customers 
  • using publicity to draw exciting opportunities to you, on autopilot

The Experts’ Academy Digital Program is an 8-module online program for coaches, consultants and change-makers like you, which will teach you how to do your own PR and:

  • Give you the confidence and know-how to finally claim your authority status to become the well-paid expert in your niche
  • Get you visible and put you ‘out there’ in a way that feels good to you
  • Enable you to share your message on a global scale and help more people than ever
  • Help you leverage publicity so you easily make more sales and draw in those soulmate clients
  • Open the door to amazing opportunities (think speaking gigs, book deals, a radio show – the sky’s the limit)

If you’d like to learn how to get publicity, become the ‘go to’ expert and:

  • Appear in a magazine or newspaper
  • Be quoted as an expert in an article
  • Be on TV, radio or podcasts
  • Be featured on well known blogs

Then The Experts’ Academy Digital Program  Is Perfect For You!

When you sign up for The Experts’ Academy Digital Program, you get all this and more.

And because I know you’re super busy, I’ve created a proven system that takes around 30 minutes a day, or just a couple of hours a week, to give you incredible results.

Marie got national media coverage – she landed work with a company she loves, an invitation to do training as a guest expert and more!
Harriette was featured in numerous publications and was even on TV. She raised her profile and had a five-figure launch!


I know how disheartening it can be when you KNOW you’ve got so much to offer, but you’re not getting in front of enough of your ideal clients to make consistent sales.

Or, maybe business is going ok, but you’ve plateaued, and you know that it could be SO MUCH BETTER, if you could somehow make the leap to that next level.

The fact is, my clients are TRANSFORMING their lives and their businesses, and the lives of their clients, by leveraging the power of publicity to become well-paid experts in their fields:

  • One gained the confidence to start charging 6x more than she had done previously – now her clients pay her £30k a time, and they’re getting incredible results
  • One rocketed her sales by 200% after working with me
  • Another celebrated a five-figure launch thanks to an online article
  • Another signed up ten new clients in one week, followed by an additional ten a few weeks later
  • Another doubled her book sales
  • Another landed her own radio show with 100k listeners
  • Another tripled her mailing list in a week & gained 1000 new Instagram followers, leading to way more enquiries
  • Another gained 1500 new leads from one article, leading to loads more sales of her digital product, and new clients signing up for her high-end coaching

So much media coverage!

Since working with Dina we have had soooooo much media coverage – Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Metro and Stylist to name a few. Now I feel excited about getting publicity and as though it’s totally achievable.

~ Jayne Hardy, Blurt Foundation

My credibility has increased tenfold!

I’ve contributed articles to Entrepreneur Magazine, secured three podcast interviews, and two radio interviews, which has led to new opportunities in my business. My credibility as an entrepreneur and coach has increased tenfold! When you are featured in top publications people see you in a different light. They are also prepared to pay more for your services. Dina, you are a kind, generous and professional PR coach. I loved working with you. 

~ Lien Potgieter, The Colour Option

Jessica doubled her Facebook group in under 48 hours & brought in an additional $12k of sales from one article! And she added 3000 new leads to her list in just a few months
Hazel was featured in local and national press and was even invited to appear in a BBC documentary! She increased her following and more than doubled her book sales
I know the thought of putting yourself out there as an expert can feel daunting. Maybe you’ve even tried in the past and not had the results you’d hoped for.

I’m here to DEMYSTIFY the entire process for you and help you to leverage publicity so you can become the well-paid expert and amplify your impact, influence and income

3 articles for a national newspaper!

I was commissioned by the Daily Mirror’s New Day to write three articles, as an expert! Since being published, my email list has more than doubled, I’ve sold a lot more copies of my book and had more referrals. I have done quite a few similar programmes over the past year and I have learned and achieved the most through Dina’s course.

~ Samantha Babington, Life Coach

I’m sharing my tips with a global audience

Dina supported me to feel more confident about getting publicity. Since working with Dina I’ve been featured as an expert in Hello! Magazine, Stylist, MSN, and more. I love being able to share my tips and advice with a global audience and have seen amazing results in my business.

~ Nigit Begum, Professional Make-Up Artist

Some recent coverage from clients using the techniques taught in

The Experts’ Academy Digital Program

Sami was featured on the FOX News website

Annette was quoted in the Daily Telegraph

Harriette was on the cover of Business Rocks mag

Dawn was featured in the Daily Mail

Jayne was featured on the front page of Huffington Post – the article went viral!

Jessica was featured in FORBES magazine

Lien wrote several articles for Entrepreneur.com

Jayne was featured in Stylist Magazine

Sophia was published on Huff Post Women

Kate shared her story in Top Sante

Harriette was interviewed on London Live TV

Samantha wrote several articles for the Daily Mirror’s New Day

Kate was quoted as an expert in a piece for Yahoo Style

Jayne was featured in Red Magazine Online

Susie was featured in You And Your Wedding

What’s included:

The complete Experts’ Academy Digital Program  (Value £10,000+)

  • Get my entire proven system for getting featured and becoming an expert, delivered via 8 pre-recorded modules that you can work through in your own time
  • Lifetime access to a special member-only portal so you can access your trainings any time you want
  • Worksheets & cheat sheets so you can easily implement the trainings

3 Months’ Access to my PR Inner Circle (Value £3000)

  • Get monthly PR Inner Circle Q&A calls for hot-seat coaching & personalised feedback on your PR activities
  • Private Facebook group for support, with pop-up PR trainings & monthly PR Ask Me Anything live-streams
  • Regular exclusive media requests from journalists looking to feature people just like you, that you won’t find elsewhere

A Vault Of Bonus Resources (£2000)

  • Access to money-can’t-buy resources, including a swipe file of pitch and press release examples
  • Templates and cheat sheets to make things simple
  • Blogging directory, PR planner, bonus training videos and more


Get these incredible bonuses worth over £1994 when you sign up!

Little Black Book Of Contacts

(Value £1000)

Lists of hundreds of media contacts.

PR Accelerator Masterclass

(Value £497)

Access this exclusive recorded Masterclass and learn how to monetize your media

One-Day Virtual Pitching Workshop Recording

(Value £497)

Receive a series of video prompts from a pre-recorded live pitching workshop giving you the focus & accountability to complete your first or next pitch

New Bonus Added!

Get the exact emails I used to land features in Forbes, Entrepreneur and more, with an exclusive video training giving you step-by-step guidance on what to include in your own emails to journalists (value priceless!)

International recognition

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, The Metro and Female First. She even got FORBES to acknowledge my coaching success as an under 30 success story! This level of international recognition has been so huge for me and my business and I am so thankful for Dina for getting my business centre stage.

~ Sami Wunder, Dating & Relationship Coach

I was selected for Top 20 under 40!

Before working with Dina I was really scared of PR. Since working with Dina, I was selected for a local Top 20 under 40, and I know a lot of that was with Dina’s help to position me. I’ve written for Thrive Global, OnStage blog, Women’s Health, Business Insider and I was able to get another feature article with a large newspaper on the topic of eating disorders – being seen as an expert in the community has been really awesome.

~ Libby Parker, Registered Dietition

More book sales and more followers

Since working with Dina,  I’ve been interviewed by local press and by the Daily Mail and I’ve been in Bella Magazine, Woman and Marie Claire, as well as various large blogging platforms. I’ve had book sales from all the new publicity and I’ve increased my followers on social media.  I feel like I’ve learnt so much and grown from the experience of working with Dina – it was a very worthwhile investment.

~ Kim Marshall, Eating Disorder Expert

Enrolment to Experts’ Academy is currently closed. Enter your details below to join the waiting list to be first to know when doors open again

I signed up ten new clients from one press release!

I had an article published which resulted in 200+ hits on my website over two days, ten new clients taken on, an additional 40+ people at my speaking event, some of whom became clients and 20+ subscribers to my newsletter. The article was incredibly well received – people came to see me that had given up hope and I helped them. My aim is to use PR to reach as many people as possible

~ Dawn Walton, Think It Change It

Update – Dawn signed up an additional ten new clients following a subsequent guest blog post

What we cover:

Planning & Strategy

  • Who your ideal client is & how to reach them through PR
  • How to research target publications so you can offer them ideas they can’t refuse
  • My insider hacks for planning your winning PR campaign

Tell Your Story

  • Discover your story – get clear on what your compelling story is
  • Use the proven story formula to hook journalists in
  • Get clear on your areas of expertise & write your author bio for maximum impact

Guest Write Your Way To Fame

  • How to get published on big name blogs with ease & how to submit & write guest articles for publications, as an expert
  • Next-level strategies for getting thousands of views of your guest blog posts

Pitching The Media

  • Find your winning news angle – win over journalists with story ideas they’ll love
  • Write your killer press release & get your news published
  • Perfect your pitch – use my pitch swipe file so you can easily pitch story/feature ideas to your target publications

Get In Touch With The Press

  • Discover which journalists to contact, so you get it right every time
  • Learn exactly where to find the contact details you need (hint, you don’t need to pay a PR agency thousands of pounds to do this)
  • Media etiquette (learn what not to do!) & discover what to do if you get a knock-back

Media Requests & Social Media For Publicity

  • How to connect with journalists on social media (learn the right way to do it so you get results)
  • Where to find media requests (there are journalists out there waiting to hear from you!)
  • How to respond to media requests, so that you stand out against the competition

Rock Your Interviews

  • Create engaging soundbites so that you get your message across in every interview
  • Learn how to get featured on podcasts
  • Tips & techniques for TV, radio & podcast interviews so you never have to feel nervous again

Putting It All Together

  • How to leverage the media to get epic results and draw in more followers, more subscribers & more sales
  • What to do after you’ve been featured to capitalise on your media coverage
  • How to create a Media Plan for the future so you continue to get publicity and hit your goals

I’ve had excellent coverage!

Within a few months of working with Dina I’d had excellent coverage in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Marie-Claire and several other national, regional and local media platforms. I am absolutely delighted with the results, they are even better than I expected and have contributed to several VIP coaching clients joining my business.

~ Claire Mitchell, The Girls Mean Business

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • The confidence and know-how to present yourself as an expert and start commanding higher prices
  • Well-crafted pitches and press releases that easily hook journalists in to make them want to feature you
  • The inside scoop on where to find media opportunities, what to say in interviews and how to get accepted to big name blogging platforms, so you can show off your expertise to massive audiences and get epic results
  • Support on how to deal with knock-backs to keep your mindset on track
  • Exclusive techniques for leveraging the press & getting 1000’s of views of your articles, for next level publicity
  • The full low-down on how to capitalise on your publicity to bring in thousands of leads, brand new clients and way more cash
  • And more!

Is The Experts’ Academy Digital Program For You?

  • You run a service-based business and are a coach, consultant, therapist or change-maker
  • You want to be seen as the ‘go to’ expert in your niche
  • You’re ready to transform your business
  • You’re prepared to show up and put the work in
  • You’re comfortable with writing blog posts
  • You’re ready to stretch yourself and try something different
  • You’re not prepared to invest in yourself
  • You expect instant results but aren’t prepared to put the work in
  • You’re prone to making excuses instead of taking action
  • You’re happy exactly where you are and don’t want to do anything to move your business forward
Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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