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The course is drip-fed with a new module released every Monday.

We have group coaching calls every Tuesday at midday UK time, which will take place on Zoom. This is a chance for us to connect and for you to get ‘hot seat’ coaching from me. Show up even if you don’t think you have any questions because you will always get value out of taking part!

Office hours will happen in the Facebook group every Wednesday (so you have a whole week to work through each module). You can upload anything you’re working on that you want me to look at into the Facebook group, and I’ll go through it and give you feedback.

The Facebook group is the other place where we can connect, get to know each other, support each other and hang out. Come and pop in as often as you can!

You’ll also receive updates about the course via email, so make sure you whitelist my email address (dina@dinabehrman.com).

If you experience any technical difficulties please email my VA Emma on support@dinabehrman.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

SO excited to support you! Let’s do this!

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Bonus Pre-Course Work

If you want to get started immediately, I’m gifting you free access to my bestselling course, Publicity Prep School, so you can get prepped and ready for success. Binge watch it Netflix style or dip in and out of it to suit you!

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