You’re a leader in your field – let’s get you the publicity you deserve…

Getting featured in the media is a must if you truly want to be recognised as the kick-ass  influencer you are.

But I know you’re too busy building your multi-six or seven-figure business to worry about doing all this PR stuff yourself 

What if I told you you could use publicity to…

Claim your ‘leader’ status

Scale your business

Sign up more high-end clients

Help more people than ever

And what if I told you you could do it all without ever having to write a press release or send a pitch?

You’re already doing big things in the world, but let’s get ready to take things up a level

You want to scale your business, reach more people, raise your profile and hit your next income level

And I’m here to support you 

Want to become a rockstar influencer, by getting featured on the best blogs, publications and podcasts?

Sign up for my Ultimate Influencer ‘Done For You’ PR Package and watch your business (and your bank balance) soar


Do you:

  • Feel ready to amplify your influencer status, but are not sure how to do it?haute-chocolate-styled-stock-photography-lady-boss-glam-61-final
  • Want to be more visible in the RIGHT places, but don’t really know where they are?
  • Know you should be focusing on publicity, but just don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself?
  • Want someone else to do all the researching, strategising and implementation to effectively get your business out there?

Imagine how it would feel to become the ultimate influencer in your niche who’s regularly featured on the hottest blogs, best publications, and perfectly aligned podcasts?

  • Imagine being featured in well known newspapers and magazines, that instantly boost your credibility and get you out in front of thousands of your ideal clients?
  • Imagine if you could start writing for well-known blogging platforms and online sites, without having to spend hours researching them and contacting them yourself?
  • Imagine plastering your website with ‘As Seen In’ logos, that effortlessly showcase your expertise to potential clients?
  • Imagine being invited to be interviewed on the exact podcasts or radio shows that your ideal clients are listening to
  • What if you could do it all with ease and grace?

You’re ready to share your message with the world, become the ultimate influencer in your niche and truly hit that next level.

Let’s do this thing!

The Ultimate Influencer Package is a fully done-for-you service, carried out by my PR agency and overseen by me:

Let us take the stress out of getting publicity for your business and do it all for you.

We’ll start with a deep dive session via Zoom where we’ll get to the nitty gritty of who your ideal clients are and which media outlets you can use to reach them.  We’ll also look at what your areas of expertise are and how you can effectively leverage the media to position yourself as the ultimate influencer.

During the six-month period you’ll get:


  • Deep-dive strategy session to plan out your personalised PR plan
  • At least one piece of high quality media coverage per month (including guest articles, profile pieces, thought leadership articles, newspaper and magazine articles, TV/radio interviews if relevant)
  • Guest blogging opportunities throughout the 6-month period, with guidance on what to write and full support to get published
  • Selection of aligned podcast interviews during the 6-month period
  • Additional media opportunities as they arise, where you can share your expert comments/opinions in the press
  • Liaison with any editors as needed and introductions to relevant journalists as required
  • Editing of any content that you create as a result of the publicity drive  – no time to write a full article or blog post? No problem! Just send us over some bullet points or a rough outline and we’ll do it for you
  • Guidance on specific techniques to get hundreds of likes and shares of your articles
  • Guidance on what to say in any interviews to effectively communicate your message and funnel people to your list
  • Tips on how to leverage this publicity for maximum effect so you effectively position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert in your niche, whilst gaining more subscribers, more followers, more sales and more opportunities

You’ll also benefit from priority FB Messenger support so that you can message me with any questions or queries.

Some of the publications you could feature in:

Hi, I’m Dina…

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Dina, a journalist-turned-publicist and PR strategist, who gets female entrepreneurs just like you featured in the press, so you can position yourself as an expert, get your message out to the world, and scale your business.

With over a decade’s experience writing for some of the top newspapers and magazines in the UK, including a stint as a Commissioning Editor on a major national newspaper supplement, I know the exact steps you need to follow to publicise your business. To date I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs to get featured in the media.

My clients have appeared in top media outlets, including Forbes,, Business Insider, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Talk Radio, BBC, and more.

As a result they’re creating a massive impact, growing their followings, signing up more clients and taking their businesses to the next level.


I know you may be feeling like you just don’t have the time or inclination to get your own publicity, so why not hand it all over to me and my team so we can make it as easy for you as possible

Because if you’re not leveraging the media, you’re stopping yourself from serving more of the people who need your help. The most influential coaches and consultants all use publicity to show off their expertise, reach new audiences, grow their followings, serve more people and scale up their businesses. If you want to do the same, you need to tap into the power of the press.

Ready to become an Ultimate Influencer?

The total cost of this bespoke six-month package is a five-figure investment, with a monthly payment plan option available. 

Click below to apply and let’s get started

Ultimate Influencer - 'Done For You' PR

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ultimate Influencer package for?

This package is best suited to high-level coaches and consultants who want to become influencers by showcasing their expertise and getting featured in the press.

I’m not a great writer, will this still work for me?

We will be writing all the pitches for you so you don’t need to worry on that front. For any guest articles or blog posts, we’ll help you with writing and editing the articles themselves, as you need us to – simply send us your text or even just some bullet points, and we can re-write or edit as required.

Does it matter where in the world I’m based?

We’re based in the UK so if you are too we can definitely help! If you’re based outside of the UK,  don’t worry, we can still help, although sometimes this means the coverage is more likely to be focussed on online and digital publications and podcasts, rather than print media. Of course wherever you’re based, we’ll make sure you get featured in media outlets that are a perfect fit for you. 

Where can I expect to be featured?

My clients have been featured in a whole host of media outlets including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Forbes, Mindy Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, YFS, Elite Daily, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, various podcasts, radio shows, and much more. You’ll get featured in a combination of print and online publications, blogs, podcasts and radio shows that we both agree on during our initial strategy session, as well as any additional media opportunities that come up as a result of tailored media requests. 

See what some of my happy clients have to say…

“International recognition”

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, Business Insider, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Refinery29, The Metro, and BBC radio. She even got FORBES to acknowledge my coaching success as an under 30 success story!

This level of international recognition has been so huge for me and my business and I am so thankful for Dina getting my business centre stage. One article in particular brought in 1500 new leads! I’d highly recommend Dina to anybody who’s looking to crack open the door to big style fame.

~Sami Wunder, Dating & Relationship Coach

“Numerous messages and plenty of gorgeous clients”

Recently I had some fabulous mainstream coverage in Daily Mail, Forbes, Telegraph, Evercoach, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. I’d love to tell you it’s because these publications found me and loved my work, and asked me to feature me… but unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. YOU need to put yourself out there, at least, initially.

I hired Dina Behrman to help me with that and I could not be happier with her work. She puts her heart and soul into publicity and does it with a great deal of integrity.

Nowadays I get numerous messages from women telling me how my articles inspired and helped them. It makes my heart sing. And yes, I got plenty of gorgeous clients as a result of being published in respectable publications.

~ Lenka Lutonska, Extraordinary Growth Coach

 “Sharing my tips with a global audience and new clients booking me”

“Since working with Dina I’ve been featured as an expert in Hello! Magazine, Stylist, MSN, Fabulous magazine, Health & Wellbeing and more. I love being able to share my tips and advice with a global audience and have seen amazing results in my business, with new clients booking me after reading my articles.”

Nigit Begum, Make-Up Artist & Creative Director

“Credibility that stands me out from the crowd”
“I’ve been featured in The Telegraph, Woman’s Own (twice) Daily Mail Online, The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine, the New Zealand Herald, Talk Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, Female First online, Talented Ladies Club blog, Daily Express and I’m scheduled to feature in Glamour Magazine and Happiful Magazine.
I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve achieved since working with Dina. I have gained a credibility that stands me out from the crowd.
All in all, I highly recommend anyone to work with Dina who is serious about raising their profile.”
~Lauren Derrett, Author & Motivational Speaker

“I am absolutely delighted with the results – they have contributed to several VIP coaching clients joining my business”

Within a few months of working with Dina I’d had excellent coverage in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Marie-Claire and several other national, regional and local media platforms. I am absolutely delighted with the results, they are even better than I expected and have contributed to several VIP coaching clients joining my business.

~Claire Mitchell, The Girls Mean Business

Ready to become an Ultimate Influencer?

The total cost of this bespoke six-month package is a five-figure investment, with a monthly payment plan option available.

Click below to apply and let’s get started

Ultimate Influencer - 'Done For You' PR

P.S. One of the major ways the world’s top thought-leaders and influencers have achieved success is by showing off their expertise on in the media. If you’d like to be the coach or consultant who’s seen as the ultimate influencer in your industry, this package is for you. Because if you don’t leverage the power of media you’re leaving money on the table. So sign up today and become the leader you were born to be!

“One article led to a very successful five-figure launch”

Harriette Hale, Business & Mindset Coach

Harriette was featured on Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Evercoach, London Live TV, the cover of Business Rocks Magazine, and more.

Thanks to her publicity she raised her profile and had a five-figure launch

“Doubled Facebook group, made over $12k from one article and 3000 new leads”

Jessica Lorimer, Sales Coach

Jess was featured in FORBES, Huffington Post, YSF, Elite Daily, Thrive Global, Business Rocks magazine, The Boss Girl Creative Podcast and more. She doubled her Facebook group in just 48 hours, made $12,000 worth of sales and grew her community by 3000 highly targeted people in just a few short months

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