Client Success Stories:

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Phones ringing off the hook following double-page feature in the Daily Mail, interviewed on BBC Breakfast, Best Magazine, Bella Magazine, local TV and radio news shows and more.

Dina Shale

The Way Of The Horse

Hundreds of new subscribers, discovery calls booked and new high-end clients after features in The Guardian, Best Magazine, Coach Magazine, and more.

Melanie MacIntyre

Intuitive Business Coach

Amazing expert status that has led to clients signing up and she got paid for being featured! Appeared in Daily Mail’s You Magazine, Mail Online, Daily Express, Elephant Journal, amongst others

Julia Fearon

Mindset & Business Coach

In talks with This Morning and Red Magazine – now journalists come to her! Also consistent website traffic from sharing guest articles on blogging sites.

Sonia Grimes

Alcohol Recovery Coach

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Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials
Dina Behrman PR Strategist Testimonials

So much media coverage!

Since working with Dina we have had soooooo much media coverage – Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Metro and Stylist to name a few. This led to our campaign receiving over 100k mentions on social media and interest from celebrities. Now I feel excited about getting publicity and as though it’s totally achievable. 
Jayne Hardy,
Blurt Foundation

My credibility has increased tenfold!

I’ve contributed articles to Entrepreneur Magazine, secured three podcast interviews, and two radio interviews, which has led to new opportunities in my business. My credibility as an entrepreneur and coach has increased tenfold! When you are featured in top publications people see you in a different light. They are also prepared to pay more for your services. Dina, you are a kind, generous and professional PR coach. I loved working with you.
Lien Potgieter,
The Colour Option

“Credibility that stands me out from the crowd”

“I’ve been featured in The Telegraph, Woman’s Own (twice) Daily Mail Online, The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine, the New Zealand Herald, Talk Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, Female First online,  Daily Express, Glamour Magazine and Happiful Magazine.
I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve achieved since working with Dina. I have gained a credibility that stands me out from the crowd. All in all, I highly recommend anyone to work with Dina who is serious about raising their profile.”
Lauren Derrett

Author & Motivational Speaker

“Sharing my tips with a global audience and new clients booking me”

“Dina supported me to feel more confident about getting publicity. Since working with Dina I’ve been featured as an expert in Hello! Magazine, Stylist, MSN, Fabulous magazine, Health & Wellbeing and more. I love being able to share my tips and advice with a global audience and have seen amazing results in my business, with new clients booking me after reading my articles.”

Nigit Begum

Make-Up Artist & Creative Director

“I doubled my Facebook group in less than 48 hours and made $12k in sales thanks to one article” 

Working with Dina has been an incredible experience. In just a few weeks, Dina helped me to get featured in four major publications and two major podcasts. One of those features doubled (!) the numbers in my Facebook group in less than 48 hours. That’s right – with just one feature, we doubled members in my Facebook group AND made $12k in sales. I’ve since been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, YFS, Elite Daily and more. Thanks to this coverage, I’ve added around 3000 new leads to my community in the past few months. I highly recommend working with Dina!

Jessica Lorimer

Sales Coach,

“International recognition”

Dina has helped me spread my message by getting my work featured in top publications like the Daily Mail, FOX News, The Metro, Natural Health Magazine and Female First. She even got FORBES to acknowledge my coaching success as an under 30 success story!

This level of international recognition has been so huge for me and my business and I am so thankful for Dina getting my business centre stage. I’d highly recommend Dina to anybody who’s looking to crack open the door to big style fame.

Sami Wunder

Dating & Relationship Coach

“I signed up ten new clients from one press release”

I had an article published in my local paper which resulted in 200+ hits on my website over two days, ten new clients taken on, an additional 40+ people at my speaking event, some of whom became clients and 20+ subscribers to my newsletter. The article was incredibly well received – people came to see me that had given up hope and I helped them. My aim is to use PR to reach as many people as possible.

Update – Dawn had an article published on another blogging platform and signed up another 10 new clients. She was also asked to present a TEDx Talk.

Dawn Walton

Think It Change It