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When I first started out in business I was overworked, under-earning and heading for burnout. I was massively undercharging because I didn’t recognise my own worth. Until I had an epiphany and realised that undercharging was not only hurting myself, it was hurting my clients.

When I started charging properly, everything changed. I was able to show up and do my most epic work for my clients instead of feeling like I was spreading myself too thin. And because they felt more invested, they started showing up and doing the work and getting incredible results. And that created huge momentum in my business, with more clients being referred to me. 2018 was my most successful and profitable year yet in my business, and I want you to experience the same. 

If you’re ready to ignite your impact and income by working smarter, not harder, we need to talk. Book a FREE chat with me and let’s create your roadmap to six figure impact and wealth, by claiming your authority status, getting featured in the press, and selling premium packages as an expert.

I only have limited spaces available for calls. The women selected to talk to are the ones I believe that I can genuinely help increase their impact and income. To make sure we have a great session, the more information we have in this application the better. Of course your personal information is strictly confidential.

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“My sales went up by 200%! If you’re thinking about working with Dina, don’t just think about it – get in touch with her and book her now!”

Anna Fairs

Tigershark Apparel

“I had a highly successful five-figure launch. Dina’s knowledge and influence is priceless”

Harriette Hale

entrepreneur & the UK’s leading mindset coach

“Working with Dina has been an incredible experience. I doubled my Facebook group in under 48 hours and made an additional $12k of sales in just a few weeks!”

Jessica Lorimer

sales coach

“The whole process has given me the confidence at last to charge an appropriate fee for my services. I’m now being paid to mentor therapists and lead workshops.”

Kate Codrington

Biodynamic & Pregnancy Massage

“I signed up ten new clients in a week, followed by an additional ten new international clients a few weeks later. People came to me who had given up hope and I was able to help them.”

Dawn Walton

Think It Change It

“After working together I gained the confidence to start charging 6x more than I had done previously – now my clients pay me £30k a time, and they’re getting incredible results”


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