Why You Should Become A Well-Known Authority In Your Field & How To Do It - Part Two



Last week I wrote about why it’s vital for you to be seen as a well-known authority in your field. If you want the kind of success the leading coaches, consultants, therapists, authors and thought leaders have, you NEED to be seen as the expert.

But how do you do it? Well, I’m pleased you asked – I have some tips you can follow right here…

Become The Well-Known Authority In Your Field – aka how to be famous like the Kardashians, without actually being like the Kardashians…

Ok, so you want your biz to be more well known. Now, I know you don’t want fame for fame’s sake. In fact, the idea of being ‘famous’ may well freak you out a bit.

But, if you want to get your message out to the masses, you need to widen your audience and become more well known. You need to be business famous. And for people to take you seriously and want to work with you above anyone else, you really need to be seen as an expert.

So how do you achieve that hallowed ‘expert status’.

  1. Get yourself out there

There are certain experts who you see being quoted in the press allllll the time. That relationship expert who’s always giving her views on the latest celeb couple. That nutritionist who has her meal plans printed in glossy magazines. The marketing expert who’s quoted in the latest biz article. If you want to be seen as an expert, you need to start getting out there – get active on social media, start blogging more, write guest blog posts and guest articles, be interviewed, give your opinion.

EXAMPLE: My former client Sam regularly blogs about nutrition, she talks about it on social media, she has a podcast about digestion, and she has been quoted in several newspapers and magazines as an expert. 

2. Demonstrate your expertise

People say ‘show don’t tell.’ And that’s definitely effective in this case. Show people you’re an expert by writing about your expert subject in articles or blog posts and showing off how much you know. When people read your latest blog post, they’ll be able to see for themselves that you’re an expert.  

EXAMPLE: My Business Fame School student Samantha has been writing articles for the Daily Mirror’s new paper, New Day, about various subjects relating to life coaching. She doesn’t talk about herself, instead she demonstrates her expertise by writing informed articles. 

3. Get on the radio

Get in touch with your local radio station and offer yourself as an expert in your chosen subject. Radio producers often need experts to comment on different subjects, and by doing so you’re again cementing your expert status.

EXAMPLE: I’ve been interviewed on my local BBC radio station as a ‘PR and marketing’ expert.

4. Connect with journalists

Connect with journalists via email (send pitches and press releases) and via social media (tweet them). Suggest articles to them, and respond to any media requests that they might have. By being pro-active and suggesting articles, and re-active and responding to media requests, you have the best chance of getting results.

EXAMPLE: My Business Fame School student Kate has connected with journalists via email and social media, being both proactive and reactive, and as a result she’s been quoted in The Irish Examiner, BT.com, Yahoo Style, Top Sante, Huffington Post, and more. 

Did you find this post useful? Comment below and let me know!

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