how to become the go to expert

You know that coach – the one who’s SO popular there’s waiting list to work with her? Yeah, you know the one. When people ask for recommendations for a coach in a Facebook group, everyone mentions her name.

You see her clients all over the place, talking about how great she is.

And you see her EVERYWHERE.

She’s blogging for Huff Post, she’s got a regular slot on Mind Body Green and she’s writing for Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal.

Last week she was on the cover of some biz mag, and the week before that she was interviewed for an ‘Inspiring Women In Business’ feature on a well known website.

She’s reached almost celeb-like status and has a thriving business because every damn person seems to want to work with her!

So, how’s she doing it? How has she cultivated that ‘expert status’?

The answer is, she’s leveraging the power of the media to position herself as an expert and show that she’s an authority in her field.

People want to work with an expert. They want someone who categorically know what they’re talking about. They want someone who is endorsed by others. They want someone who they can trust.

Leveraging the media enables you to do all those things.

It’s something I teach my clients to do, and something my PR Power students have started doing very successfully.

Take my client K, a successful nutritionist. Last week she was quoted in a news article about health and nutrition on a major news site. This week she has an article going out on the Huffington Post. She’s also due to appear in a feature in a glossy magazine. All of these things help her to:

  • Position herself as the expert
  • Raise her profile
  • Get in front of more of her ideal clients
  • Inspire trust in potential customers
  • Feel confident about raising your prices when the time comes
  • Be open to more opportunities
  • Drive more traffic to her website
  • Get more followers on social media
  • Make more sales

I have no doubt that she will have extra enquiries coming in to her on the back of using the media to position herself as an expert. It’s something that’s happened for many of my other clients (one signed up ten new clients on the back of just one article!)

So how you can YOU become the ‘go to’ expert that everyone wants to work with?

  1. Own your expert status

Don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert. If you’ve studied or got experience in a particular area, that makes you an expert to someone who knows nothing about that subject. So own it.

2. Write guest articles

Start submitting guest blogs. Blogging on major platforms like Huff Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, etc helps you to show off your knowledge and expertise

3. Get quoted as an expert in the press

Being quoted as an expert in the press gives you a third-party endorsement. Basically, people who know, like and trust a publication will automatically see you as an expert if you are quoted in that publication. Getting featured in the press as an expert is something I cover in more detail in my PR Power programme.

4. Become more visible

If it’s done in the right way, being more visible in general will help people to remember you as the expert in a particular niche. Raise your visibility by being more active on social media, blogging regularly, and getting featured in the press.

Got questions or comments about becoming the ‘go to’ expert? Post them below and I’ll get back to you!

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