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A while back I wrote about 45 things I did in 2015  to greatly improve my life and business, and I received messages from lots of you saying you’d found it really helpful, especially the links to the different resources I’d been using.

So I thought I’d put together a blog post sharing my favourite tools that have helped me to up-level my business…



I use it for making notes, writing lists or even recording  short voice memos. It syncs across multiple devices so you can draft a quick blog post while on your iphone while you’re out and about and finish it on your laptop later.

Leonie Dawson Workbooks

You need these in your life! Workbooks for biz and life – review what you’ve achieved and plan out your goals for the year, with plenty of inspiration and room for journaling.

The Conquer Kit

Newly discovered and I love it. Creative business planner from Natalie McNeil of She Takes On The World



Handy tool for scheduling client calls, meetings, discovery calls etc. Works in your client’s local timezone, sends automatic reminders so neither of you miss your call, and synchs with your online calendar

Online storage:


Free cloud-based storage, perfect for storing high-res images to share with journalists without clogging up their inboxes

Amazon S3

Another useful storage solution, where you can host PDFs or audios to share with others

Clean My Mac

Helps you to clear space digitally on your Mac so you can banish the dreaded ‘your start-up disk is almost full’ message

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Easy to set up and use and free for your first 2000 subscribers.


Fab business upgrade for just a couple of pounds a month. Create professional looking email signatures that do your marketing for you. Mine has a link to my latest offer, my latest blog post, and my social media channels.


Works with gmail and allows you to compose an email in the middle of the night and then schedule it to go out at a normal time of day! Free.

Website software:

Elegant Themes

Get the super easy-to-use drag and drop website theme Divi, plus around 50 others, when you purchase Elegant Themes.

Wishlist Member

I’ve been through a few different membership plugins for my courses and none of them had the full functionality that I needed. Wishlist Member is doing the trick – easy to set up and use, great support and video tutorials to show you how to get started.


Now with a drag and drop option, so you can customise it yourself if you desire – personally, I prefer their ready-made templates. Less than five minutes to set up a landing page, all pages specifically designed and tested to convert well and templates for everything you might need. Plus you get Leadboxes at no extra cost, which are really great for adding content upgrades to blogs.

Audio & Video:

Logitech Webcam

Oh em gee! The quality of this HD webcam is uh-mazing! The difference between using this to using my Mac’s inbuilt webcam is huge. Use it to record videos or screencasts.

Blue Snowball Microphone

Again, sooooo much better than using my Mac’s internal microphone. Really lovely, clear sound.


I use this to house my videos so I can keep them private and share them just with my course members

Instant Teleseminar

I use this for hosting group calls for my coaching programme, but you can also use it for teleclasses or webinars. Get a free 21-day trial for $1.


Nifty little tool for recording screencasts, and only $15 a year!

Keep track of these resources with a handy PDF download:



Create beautiful graphics for social media, PDFs, documents, website graphics and more. I also advise clients to use it for creating their media kits. Free.


Great free tool for editing your own images

Social Media:


Easy scheduling tool – either ‘buffer’ articles to share later, or choose content to share at specific day and time.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Make it easier for people to share your content with this nice-looking social sharing plugin

Click To Tweet

Use this in your blog posts to encourage people to share your content on Twitter



Free video calls – great for coaching calls

Google Hangouts

I use Google Hangouts for recording interviews with people, or for webinars. Can be glitchy, so it’s best to make sure you are plugged in to your router with an ethernet cable rather than relying on wifi

Webinar Ally

Fab little plugin for hosting webinars easily via Google Hangouts. Allows you to quickly and easily reconnect to the webinar you’re hosting if your lose connection, which you can’t normally do on a Google Hangout. Also lets you brand it in your colours. And only $27.

Self Development:

Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

Total game-changer. Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, you need check out Denise Duffield-Thomas. You can get freebies from her here and here. Her bootcamp covers all aspects of manifesting money and abundance.

Making Friends With Fear

My favourite mindset coach, Kylie Patchett, has an awesome course on how to tame your mind monkeys and get rock solid self-belief.

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Do you have a fave resource that I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment below and let me know!

[Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small compensation, at no extra cost to you, if you choose to purchase through the link]


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