A quick guide to getting featured in a glossy magazine

If you’ve ever dreamt of appearing in a glossy magazine, I’ve got a quick guide you can follow to help make that dream a reality.

In the past week I’ve had confirmation that one of my clients is going to appear in a top health & wellbeing magazine, another 1-2-1 client is going to appear in a leading women’s glossy mag and one of my clients is going to appear on the cover of a well-known magazine for female entrepreneurs.

I’m a big fan of magazines – give me a magazine and a cup of tea and I’ll happily while away a couple of hours! But that’s not the only reason I love them.

For most of the clients I work with, the readers of glossy magazines are made up of their ideal clients. Want to reach 20, 30 or 40-something women with a disposable income? Get yourself featured in a glossy magazine.

I’ve had clients featured in Glamour magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Healthy Magazine, amongst others. So, how did we get them there?

Here’s my quick guide to getting featured in a glossy magazine

1. Research which magazines your ideal clients read

Start by looking at which magazines your ideal clients are reading – these are the ones you want to target

2. Read them

Sounds obvious, but so many people miss this vital step! If you’re planning on pitching a glossy magazine, spend some time reading it and looking at the types of articles they feature.

3. Write a press or pitch

Once you’ve seen the types of articles they feature, create a press release or pitch that fits well with the magazine. Look at what section of the magazine you’d like to feature in, and tailor your pitch or press release. Use my free PR & Content Calendar to make sure you’ve got a great news angle to win over the journalist. 

4. Find out who to send it to

Never send press releases or pitches to generic email addresses, instead it’s much better to send it to an individual journalist, such as the Features Editor. Check the magazine or look on the website to find contact details. Remember, you want to make the journalist fall in love with you. 

5. Follow up

There are various reasons you may not hear back from a journalist immediately. So if you don’t hear back from the journalist within a few days, follow up to make sure they received your email.

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