I recently wrote about what to do when you’ve lost your mojo. You know, when you want to write a new blog post or newsletter, but you’re feeling totally uninspired.

Today I wanted to share some practical ways you can produce content that people WANT to read, even when you don’t know what to write. (Psst, scroll down to get your free accompanying printable).

Because creating regular content is super important if you want to get publicity for your biz.

Writing blog posts or guest-posting helps to raise your profile, increase your audience of potential customers and position yourself as an expert.

But I know what it’s like when you just don’t know what to write.

As a journalist I constantly needed to be creating content, whether it was writing 1000 words about a particular subject before a deadline, or coming up with fresh ideas to pitch to editors.

And often I would find myself starting at my Macbook, wondering what to type.

So here are 7 quick and easy tips and tricks I’ve used that you can try yourself to create swoon-worthy content, even when you don’t know what to write.

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1. Get newsworthy

Get all ‘on point’ and incorporate a current news story into a blog post. You can check out Google News to find articles on subjects that relate to your biz, and then write a response to something that you know people will be chatting about around the virtual watercooler…

2. Client love story

Ask any of your happy customers if you can mention them in a blog post, then write about how you helped them. Or you can even create a video talking through the work you did with them

3. Answer client questions

Ask your clients what they’re struggling with and write posts that answer their questions

4. Review a book, product or service

Show you’re the expert AND help out your readers by trying out and reviewing books, products or services related to your biz

Ready to start planning your content? Download your free printable to start planning out your next few blog posts!

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5. Blog about people who inspire you

Write a blog about popular bloggers and thought leaders who inspire you, then send them a link to the blog so that they’ll tell their followers about it.

6. Write a round-up post

Pick a particular subject that you’ve blogged about in the past, and create a blog with a round-up of posts on that subject.

7. Make a list People love lists! And it’s a really easy way to structure your blog post – case in point – this is a list, and you’re loving it, right? But seriously, it feels so much less intimidating than having to come up with a big block of text and means you can be quite methodical in getting your thoughts together and putting your insight out there.

Bonus tip The super-talented Jo Gifford has a free 10-day blogging challenge to kickstart your online presence. Click here to get daily tasks to boost your blog.

Do you have any tips of your own for creating content or is it something you struggle with? Leave a comment below to let me know, and feel free to share a link to your blog.


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