Sometimes it’s only when you get to the end of one year and the start of another that you actually take the time to stop and take stock of what’s happened during the past 365 days.

Over the past week or so I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve achieved in my life and business this past year, and what I want to achieve in 2016.

My business changed quite radically this year, and it’s been interesting reflecting back on what worked and what didn’t.

Because even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, even when things don’t go to plan, it normally turns out that they’ve happened for a reason, to teach you a lesson, and perhaps that’s all part of the plan…

45 Things

So here’s my list of 45 things I did in 2015 that greatly improved my life and business.

1. Used the Leonie Dawson workbooks – amazing resource for planning and goal-setting

2. Updated my vision board

3. Took the decision that 2015 would be the year I really invest in my business

4. Hired a business coach

5. Re-branded – re-launched my business with a new look, new focus, new packages and new ideal client

6. Had my website re-designed by someone on the cheap – yeah, you can guess how that worked out…

7. Had it redesigned again – by someone far better suited to me and aligned with my brand.

8. Started reading books on mindset and Law of Attraction, including life-changing books like Think & Grow Rich, The Big Leap and Get Rich Lucky Bitch (get a free sample here)

9. Wrote out positive affirmations on post-its and stuck them around my office

10. Signed up to receive Notes From The Universe from Mike Dooley – if you haven’t already done so you really should.

11. Had a personal branding photo shoot – with someone on the cheaper end of the scale. No surprise that I didn’t love the photos.

12. Had another photo shoot – with someone pricier and with heaps of experience. Loved the photos and still do and know they help me to position my brand really well

13. Created an awesome free press release kit as an email opt-in and got more sign ups to my list than ever

14. Launched new 1-2-1 programmes

15. Worked with my first 1-2-1 clients – saw them getting awesome results and appearing in various newspapers, magazines, blogs and on TV and radio. Got amazing testimonials after they doubled their sales, put their prices up, got more followers, received more opportunities

16. Started keeping a gratitude journal

17. Created a FB group – Within 24 hours I had 100 members in the group and it has continued to grow to a group full of supportive, like-minded women. Click here to join.

18. Got more childcare in place

19. Joined the Female Entrepreneur Association  – benefited from monthly expert masterclasses, inspiration from the fab Carrie Green and networking with amazing women

20. Made a conscious decision to do more things that bring me joy – like buying myself flowers, just because, and taking time for self-care

21. Discovered podcasts – started listening to and learning from inspiring people like Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Chalene Johnson,  Elizabeth Gilbert, John Lee Dumas, as well as She Did It Her Way

22. Joined the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp – Best. Move. Ever. Started working on my money blocks and within 48 hours of joining I’d signed up a new high-end client (a fellow lucky bee) – when you show the universe you’re serious about investing in yourself magical things happen! (Click here to get Lucky Bitch freebies)

23. Discovered tapping – I’d heard about EFT but had no clue how it worked. After joining the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp I started tapping regularly and have had some incredible results from tapping on having an amazing day.

24. Decluttered – an ongoing process, but physically decluttering my workspace and home helps me to feel more centred and organised and less chaotic. Also used Clean My Mac to digitally declutter.

25. Stopped saving things for best – started regularly using the fancy candles, the best crockery and the nice underwear

26. Got more strategic about who I hired – ditched the web designer who did a crappy job on a website I had built for a new venture and hired a specialist web design company

27. Started outsourcing more – something I need to work on in 2016, but outsourced some design work this year and can’t wait to outsource on a much bigger scale in 2016

28. Tried Periscope – and quite liked it, despite it being out of my comfort zone

29. Joined Instagram

30. Put more biz systems in place

31. Started using Canva to design social media memes, FB ad images and powerpoint slides

32. Signed up to Leadpages – total game-changer that enabled me to create  professional looking, high-converting landing pages in a matter of minutes (click here to get a special limited time offer when you sign up before New Year’s Eve)

33. Learnt about Facebook ads from FB ads whizz Julie Lowe of Socially Aligned.

34. Joined more Facebook groups full of like-minded people…

35. And left the Facebook groups that were no longer serving me

36. Turned down work that wasn’t right for me

37. Started working with the amazing Jo Gifford and focusing on my content creation

38. Decided to concentrate on my own PR – and it really paid off! I had more visits to my website, more email subscribers, more enquiries about work, new clients and helped to cement my status as an expert

39. Got back into blogging – focussed on my own blog, started blogging for Huffington Post again and wrote guest posts for other blogs aimed at my ideal clients

40. Approached the Guardian and had an article about how to become an expert published

41. Invested in a Blue Snowball Microphone and Logitech C920 USB HD Pro Webcam – hello crystal clear sound and fab, HD videos

42. Learnt about webinars from Amy Porterfield and Kimra Luna (they both have great free trainings if you sign up to their lists) and massively improved my own webinars

43. Started saying no to people wanting to meet for coffee – my time is precious. If someone wants to work with me they can apply to work with me and we can decide that way if we’re a good fit.

44. Said yes to only working with my ideal clients – instead of working with anyone and everyone. These clients are a dream to work with and they do the work and get incredible results. Everyone’s a winner.

45. Launched Business Fame School – created and launched a brand new, VIP group coaching programme to teach female entrepreneurs how to do their own PR. Click here to find out more.

What did you do in 2015 to improve your life or biz? Leave a comment below and let me know…

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