Around this time last year I wrote about 45 Things I Did In 2015 That Greatly Improved My Life And Business. It ended up being one of most popular blog posts ever and tons of people messaged me to say they had found it useful and inspiring.

This year I decided it was time to take stock again and look at what I’d learned over the past 365 days and what I’m planning to do during the next 365.

Here are 23 things that made my life and biz awesome…

1. Made plans with the Leonie Dawson workbooks. I love these business and life resources but found that I didn’t make the most of the entire bundle in 2016, so this year I’ve just downloaded Leonie’s business edition ebook which I’m using for reflecting, planning and goal-setting.

2.Continued to invest in my business – I completely recognise the value of getting the right support, so last year I hired a couple of business coaches and joined three group programmes. This year I’ve hired yet another coach and joined a mastermind group.

3. Gained even more clarity on my ideal client, and was able to help them get incredible results. Had clients featured in major national publications including The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Stylist, Red Magazine, Top Sante, amongst others, and even had clients whose stories went viral and were picked up by international press.

4. Continued to concentrate on my own PR – and got featured in leading magazines, blogs and podcasts, helping to cement by expert status, and leading to  more visits to my website, more email subscribers, more enquiries about work and new clients

5. Worked with clients face-to-face for the first time (as opposed to just online) by introducing one-day luxury intensives. Loved connecting with clients in real life and plan to do more of this in 2017.

6. Launched a new ‘done for you’ PR service for high level coaches and service-providers wanting their own publicist.

7. Worked with more 1-2-1 clients – saw them getting awesome results and appearing in various newspapers, magazines, blogs and on TV and radio. Got amazing testimonials after they generated $12k in sales from one article, gained ten new clients in a week from one article, doubled their book sales, put their prices up, got more followers, received more opportunities

8. Ran my VIP group programme Business Fame School twice and helped a host of women entrepreneurs to get media coverage. Later in the year I re-vamped some of the modules, added in new bonuses and brought in additional guest experts. Click here to find out more.

9. Read more books on mindset, Law of Attraction and business, including Ask & It Is Given, Light Is The New Black, The Universe Has Your Back, Jeff Walker’s Launch. And re-read Get Rich Lucky Bitch (get a free sample here)

10. Continued keeping a gratitude journal and will continue to practice gratitude regularly to keep my vibration high, particularly if I’m having a bad day

11.Continued tapping – I don’t do it as often as I should, but when I can I follow Brad Yates’ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping videos to release blocks.

12. Continued decluttering – an ongoing process, but I regularly clear out my cupboards, my desk, my files etc. I also regularly use Clean My Mac to digitally declutter.

13. Started following the Miracle Morning routine. I’ve not been able to stick with this consistently, but I try to work elements of this into my day even if it’s not always first thing in the morning, and will typically switch on YouTube on my TV for ten minutes of yoga, ten minutes of Abraham Hicks, ten minutes of EFT, ten minutes of gratitude journalling, ten minutes of visualisation.

14. Closed down my Facebook group and created a new one! My previous FB group just didn’t have the energy and the level of interaction I wanted, so I closed it down and started a new one which has an amazing positive energy and is full of interaction. Join the new group here. 

15. Started doing FB Live videos and loved being able to interact with people this way (see more of them in my Facebook group). Will be doing a lot more of this this year.

16. Gave up using Periscope – I tried it, it wasn’t for me.

17. Continued to be a member of the Female Entrepreneur Association  – I love having a group of like-minded ladies to network with, and also their live events to connect with other women in real life.

18. Continued to focus on allowing more joy in my life – by doing things like focusing on self-care, buying fresh flowers, burning scented candles and making sure I take time to celebrate my successes

19. Continued to work through Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. It really is an ongoing process, but I know how effective it is (it’s helped me to change my relationship with money and has helped me to allow more money to flow into my life). So I continue to make sure I work on my money mindset and will do so again this year. Click here and here for Lucky Bitch manifesting freebies.

20. Created professional, high-converting opt-in pages using Leadpages. They now have a drag and drop function so their pages can be customised more, but are still super simple to use and optimised to convert really well.

21. Invested in new bits of software like Zoom video conferencing, quuu.co for hand-curated content for social media, Depositphotos for stock photography, and Wishlist Member for my membership site.

22. Ran several free challenges, webinars and live Q&As and will continue to do so this year

23. Created various free resources (including this one where I share my seven-step system to gain influence and publicity) to help people learn how to do their own PR.

What awesome things did you do in 2016 and how are you planning to rock 2017? Leave a comment below and let me know…

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